Driven to Distraction, Part II

Eco partnerPart I ran back in a more innocent age. Eight years ago. In 2001. Pre-9/11. Back when car companies, including Honda, were selling cars with bootless abandon. Since then, there has been a greater level of solemnity. And one of the Big Three is now in bankruptcy, and another would be there right now if the president didn’t know that the economy would be teetering with a greater amplitude than it already is if GM did fall into reorganization.

But some things never change. Back then the issue was Honda sponsoring the “Civic Tour.” But now we are proud to report than Honda is one of the twelve sponsors of Lollapalooza 2009 and one of ten for the Austin City Limits Festival. It isn’t the “automotive” sponsor. No, it is an “Eco partner.” That’s right: a green partner. Says Tom Peyton, senior manager of Honda national advertising: “Many Honda customers are passionate about music and they care deeply about the environment. As an Eco-partner at these great music festivals Honda can help make being ‘green’ entertaining and fun.”

Admittedly, as a car company, Honda probably is the greenest going. Toyota gets lots of love for the Prius, but Honda was there first with the original Insight, and now has the most competitively economic hybrid with the new Insight. And it even has regular people rolling around in leased vehicles that are powered by hydrogen.

Cars and music. It has gone from being hip to being responsible.

Be sure to recycle, just as I have here.

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  1. id it Honda that retooled their hybrid so it looks less like a regular car, so people KNOW youre in a hybrid?

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