Black Francis to Naysayers: Go fuck yourself

Frank Black (Francis) talks to Rolling Stone about the Pixies reunion, playing the whole Doolittle album live, and making money:

It’s like someone saying, “You don’t have the right to go up there on a stage and sing your songs.” My response would, be, “Go fuck yourself.” Are we making more money? Yeah. But it’s not because we’re demanding more money. It’s because the patrons have converted other patrons. We’re going to fly first class and stay in a nice hotel and people are gonna carry my guitars for me. Maybe someone’s who’s really uptight and has as lot of revolution in their soul might have a problem with that. But I’m in fuckin’ show business, man; I don’t work for the Peace Corps.

Enjoy the nice hotels, Charles. You’ve earned it!

Pixies: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

Video: Pixies – “Monkey Gone to Heaven” and “Tame” (Night Music, 1989)

Their first American TV performance apparently. Here’s one from the BBC:

Video: Pixies – “Dead” and “I Bleed” (Snub TV, 1989)


6 thoughts on “Black Francis to Naysayers: Go fuck yourself”

  1. Are people actually getting pissy because the Pixies are FINALLY making some coin? I clearly remember watching 120 Minutes when they announced they were breaking up the first time. When asked why, Frank said, “Because we don’t make any money.” That was it. That was his answer. God forbid these guys have a better life after giving us such great albums. This idea that musicians shouldn’t make money is absolutely baffling to me. Fuck that.

  2. Right on, Derek. Which is why I am gobsmacked that some people have no compunction whatsoever about dl’ing music without paying for it.

  3. Derek, dude, how can you wonder if people who stop liking a band IMMEDIATELY after more than their little circle of elitists enjoy the same artist, would have a problem w/anybody making money? Of course they do!

    As for the “idea that musicians shouldn’t make money is absolutely baffling“, I’m with you, wholeheartedly. But milions of pira–um, file sharing folks out there don’t share our views, brother.

    And btw, I applaud any artist that freely and honestly admits to wanting to take care of their financial bottom line. Rent don’t pay itself.

  4. state theater… Kzoo… trompe le monde…1993ish??? still one of the best shows I’ve ever seen…. ever. miked.

  5. I’d be seriously tempted if it were Surfer Rosa live… Pixies deserve every last sheckel that their reunion tours have earned; their first run, for as influential as everyone claims their music was, probably didn’t make them obscenely rich. To paraphrase Steely Dan, they deserve to blissfully slide down a mountain of cash for their retirements. This is a cooler way for them to earn that than a 401K.

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