GLONO Twitter Roundup #3

Tweet tweetBelow are the things we’ve posted to Twitter recently. In reverse chronological order, just like Twitter…

# Johnny Marr kind of bored by Smiths reunion talk. Enjoyed Television reunion. Velvet Underground reunion? Not so much. 1 minute ago

# New Britney Spears video for 3. Pretty tame. Provides no clues to meaning of “Peter, Paul & Mary gettin’ down with 3P.” 23 minutes ago

# Video of Davy Jones with Sam & the Goodtimers, the r&b band that backed the Monkees on their 69 tour. Too bad song blows. about 2 hours ago

# Google’s music search unveiled. Kinda lame. Didn’t work on any of my tries. And I wasn’t even being obscure. #googlefail about 2 hours ago

# ‘This Is It’ grossed $2.2 million in its opening day. On track for highest-grossing opening weekend for a concert film. about 4 hours ago

# EW’s Michael Slezak freaks out over Adam Lambert’s album cover. Personally, I was hoping for more Priest and less Beyonce. about 4 hours ago

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# RT @TheDandyWarhols: Courtney is in the studio working on the 1776 record. Y’all heard them yet? about 18 hours ago

# RT @alyankovic: Look, it’s me and my new BFFs the Roots: about 23 hours ago

# RT @jgrossnas: “Three Strikes” law against downloaders to go ahead in Britain about 23 hours ago

# RT @JustinHawkins: RT @adamlambert There is a song called “Music Again” written by Justin Hawkins of the Darkness! 5:08 PM Oct 28th

# Cocksucker Blues Screens in New York. 4:50 PM Oct 28th

# 19-year-old Canadian folk singer Taylor Mitchell has died after being attacked by two coyotes. 3:59 PM Oct 28th

# Donovan: “When we finished Sunshine Superman early in 1966 Mickey [Most] said, ‘Don’t play it to Paul McCartney.'” 2:55 PM Oct 28th

# “A Reasonable Guide to Horrible Noise” by Lester Bangs (Village Voice, 1981). Christgau calls it “skronk.” So awesome. 12:03 PM Oct 28th

# BBC: How TV gives new life to old hits 11:28 AM Oct 28th

# EFF’s Takedown Hall Of Shame: Bogus copyright and trademark complaints have threatened all kinds of creative expression. 11:26 AM Oct 28th

# Morrissey makes his live return. Setlist includes rarely played Nowhere Fast, Is It Really So Strange, and Cemetry Gates. 9:04 AM Oct 28th

# Greg Kot reviews Michael Jackson’s ‘This is It’ 8:56 AM Oct 28th

# RT @ebertchicago: My review of “This Is It.” Four stars. 8:28 AM Oct 28th

# HuffPost – Metallica Pitches In $50,000 To Find Missing Fan 8:12 PM Oct 27th

# RT @Womack: I have a piece up on TMN today that didn’t go through our fact-checkers. 6:38 PM Oct 27th

# Paul is Dead. It was 40 Years Ago, Yesterday… | Cowles Library: 6:34 PM Oct 27th

# RT @idolator: Jay-Z compares AutoTune-happy rappers to hair bands: “I can’t feel anything!” 4:44 PM Oct 27th

# RT @taylorswift13: There’s nothing quite like singing along in the car to @ladygaga “paparazzi” while actually being chased by paparazzi. 9:19 AM Oct 27th

# No dynamic range whatsoever. No one cares. RT @crookedvultures: Higher quality “New Fang” for your listening pleasure ♫ 7:27 PM Oct 26th

# Them Crooked Vultures (Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, John Paul Jones) posted first song, “New Fang,” to YouTube. Badass drums. 3:35 PM Oct 26th

# On The Media Takes On The Music Industry 2:27 PM Oct 26th

# Mixed Outlook For Michael Jackson Album Sales: new “This Is It” greatest hits comp expected to move from 200 to 500,000. 1:48 PM Oct 26th

# RT @jgrossnas: The Rakes go splitsville and cancel tour 1:23 PM Oct 26th

# RT @jgrossnas: Arthur Lee & Love- unreleased album out tomorrow on Sundazed “Love Lost” 11:55 AM Oct 26th

# @lefsetz ditches Mika show because of the use of backing tracks…after having not “left a gig in the middle since 1969.” 10:38 AM Oct 26th

# Morrissey to resume tour in London Tuesday following onstage collapse. 10:30 AM Oct 26th

# Spike Jonze Explains His Kanye West Fairytale: “I told him the more shameless it is, the more pathetic it is, the better.” 10:29 AM Oct 26th

# Das Racist vs. Sasha Frere-Jones: “The study of genre is largely the study of marketing.” I like that. 9:45 AM Oct 26th

# Mozzer in the hospital after collapsing on stage: 1:43 AM Oct 25th

# RT @lefsetz: How Spotify will end the loudness wars: “Spotify is where everyone will listen to new music first.” 9:44 PM Oct 24th

# RT @idolator: RT @NedRaggett: Yeesh — Moz collapsed on stage tonight in Swindon: #morrissey 9:39 PM Oct 24th

# RT @ebertchicago: Where they say “y’all” and where they say “you all.” 12:38 PM Oct 24th

# Right on! RT @lcdsoundsystem: shooting video tomorrow for fun. why aren’t all videos made for peanuts with your friends? 12:34 PM Oct 24th

# RT @idolator: The possible existential crisis of CMJ: 10:09 PM Oct 23rd

# HuffPost – Progressives Take Aim At Rahm Over Public Option 10:03 PM Oct 23rd

# RT @idolator: Happy birthday @alyankovic, who turns 50 today! 5:05 PM Oct 23rd

# Michael Jackson Fans Say ‘This Is It’ Covers Up Grim Reality Guess they didn’t read the autopsy report: 5:01 PM Oct 23rd

# @buddyhead Gossip: The Mayor of Pink Town, Captain Panty-Sniffer and finally a Crabcore-pedal AKA Turn-Up-The-Suck-pedal! 4:58 PM Oct 23rd

# Why Lil Wayne Pled Guilty to “attempted possession”? NY has 3.5-year min sentence for 1st-offense “actual” possession. 3:37 PM Oct 23rd

# $265 million music royalty deal reached between U.S. music publishers and major labels for unpaid mechanical royalties. 12:05 PM Oct 23rd

# Breaking news from @buddyhead Attack Attack! Singer Quits! 10:09 AM Oct 23rd from web

# RT @cloudspeakers: Added the latest music reviews of GLORIOUS NOISE to Cloudspeakers @gloriousnoise 12:46 AM Oct 23rd

# Robbie Fulks eulogizes steel guitarist Tom Brumley (Buckaroos, Rick Nelson, Dwight Yoakam, etc.), who died in February. 11:13 AM Oct 22nd

# New MGMT album produced by Spacemen 3’s Sonic Boom coming early 2010. Also: Oracular Spec has sold 508,000 copies to date. 10:58 AM Oct 22nd

# Kanye West is Not Dead 10:55 AM Oct 22nd

# Three hip hop mixtapes: When Jay-Z Was Good; NY 94-01; and 45 Live – Classic Rap Singles. RT @sfj: Goalposting: 10:10 AM Oct 22nd

# Expecting??? RT @RiversCuomo: You know you’ve grown up when you stop worrying about AIDS and start worrying about SIDS. 4:55 PM Oct 21st

# 1969 letter from Jagger to Warhol: “the more complicated the format, the more fucked-up the reproduction and delays…” 4:49 PM Oct 20th

# Paris Records (Burroughs & Ginsberg LPs) to issue Hunter S. Thompson’s “Derby” voiced by Ralph Steadman and Tim Robbins. 4:45 PM Oct 20th

# Copyright vs folk music: “Current law doesn’t allow for the give & take that was once a basic part of music composition.” 4:39 PM Oct 20th

# Yoko Ono’s new crowdsourced remix project results will be made available under a Creative Commons license. 4:36 PM Oct 20th

# Helping Mick Jagger in a toy store 4:35 PM Oct 20th

# Jay Farrar talks to Billboard about Kerouac, Ben Gibbard, and Woody Guthrie. 1:45 PM Oct 20th

# Dead Milkmen news: more shows, pics from Chicago, new Joe solo album, Joe touring with Pinback. 1:39 PM Oct 20th

# Glam-Racket profiles 1910 Fruitgum Co (covered by Ramones & Talking Heads if you need some cred to go with your bubblegum) 11:32 AM Oct 20th

# RT @SlashHudson: – Wayne Kramer & I jamming “Kick out the jams” at Bob Timmins tribute at Musician’s Picnic. 8:35 AM Oct 20th

# Home after wilco. They ended with outta mind, outta site. Great show overall. That band really is wilco now. 12:30 AM Oct 20th

# Casino Queen. I miss Jay Bennett. But it’s awesome. Rock and fucking roll. 11:14 PM Oct 19th

# Passenger Side after a 40-minutes Spiders. Thank you for the cleanse. 11:10 PM Oct 19th

# Wilco is an arena rock band. And I mean that as a compliment. For real. They were good. Encore! 10:29 PM Oct 19th

# Boxful of letters. All is forgiven. 10:02 PM Oct 19th

# An hour in and wilco plays its first pre-summerteeth song. Far, Far Away. Tweedy dismisses it as a little ditty with some local flavor. 9:55 PM Oct 19th

# Tweedy just made a comment about how this was the first show they ever played in Chicago that was not sold out. 9:47 PM Oct 19th

# RT @HipOSelect: Here it is, what ALL Buddy Holly fans have been waiting for- Not Fade Away: Complete Studio Rec 8:35 PM Oct 19th

# Tortoise was able to fill a half-empty arena with sound. 8:26 PM Oct 19th

# RT @7im: Pot legalization now more popular (44% ) than creationism (42% 4:52 PM Oct 19th

# RT @RiversCuomo: Glasses are my KISS make-up. 6:17 PM Oct 18th

# RT @davidwala: Best live band I have ever seen Check this video out — THE LIBERTINES – up the bracket (LIVE) 1:30 PM Oct 17th

# RT @idolator: Ticketmaster and Denny’s team up to promote hamburgers via… an upcoming Morrissey show? 10:27 PM Oct 16th

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