GLONO Twitter Roundup #4

Tweet tweetBelow are the things we’ve posted to Twitter recently. In reverse chronological order, just like Twitter…

# RT @brokep: I actually think #tpb turns 6 today. What an epic day to reform the way file sharing works. about 3 hours ago

# This is huge. 100% decentralized now? Seems unstoppable. RIAA is f-ed. RT @brokep: <- #tpb closes tracker about 3 hours ago # Could be cool. RT @tipsheet: JACK WHITE Producing the New WANDA JACKSON Record about 3 hours ago

# RIP ken ober:,0,6123710.story about 8 hours ago

# Liam Gallagher says he and the rest of Oasis – minus Noel – are writing songs and will continue to perform as a new group. about 17 hours ago

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# RT @solace: “surprise” show by @crookedvultures at the Roxy in LA tonight at 10:30. Box/doors are at 8:30. about 18 hours ago

# Apple now Lets You Preview iTunes on the web: Example: Cool. about 18 hours ago

# $149.98 for 4 Neil Young albums on vinyl: Or you can go down to your local used record store and get them for $3.99 each. about 19 hours ago

# Weird being on my way home from a show at 11. Kinda awesome. Minus missing opening band who I actually wanted to see. #heavytrash 11:05 PM Nov 15th

# John Spencer is a preacher. A preacher who can handle hecklers. #heavytrash 11:03 PM Nov 15th

# Spencer and crew setting up their own gear. #heavytrash 9:15 PM Nov 15th

# Missed the bama lamas. Show actually started at 8. 9:07 PM Nov 15th

# Anybody going to see John Spencer at Schubas tonight? 6:45 PM Nov 15th

# RT @ParisHilton: Watching the Pacquio VS Cotto Boxing Match 6:14 AM Nov 15th

# RT @sfj: ’68 Motown contract w/J5: “$12.50 per master, but in order for recording to be considered a master, it had to be released.” 10:12 PM Nov 14th

# Punknews talks to John Darnielle (Mountain Goats) who talks about God and David Foster Wallace, and “classic album” shows. 12:40 PM Nov 13th

# John Lydon defends butter ad: “­Anything I can do to help British industry is fine by me and in return you’ve got PiL.” 12:20 PM Nov 13th

# Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” has taken more than $200 million worldwide in the first two weeks of release. 12:16 PM Nov 13th

# Robert Johnson birthplace verified: a well-crafted home built by his stepfather in Hazlehurst, Mississippi. 12:13 PM Nov 13th

# RT @ParisHilton: Had a fun time in the studio today with Rodney Jerkins at his studio. He is such an amazing Music producer, so talented! 5:46 AM Nov 13th

# Win a FREE Beatles mono box set!! SH Forum is giving this baby away FREE!! Link for details: 1:23 AM Nov 13th

# RT @RiversCuomo: “Tragic Girl” is going to be like “You Know You’re Right” for Pinkerton fans. 7:13 PM Nov 12th

# RT @Lefsetz: “Steven Tyler Laid Off From Aerosmith As Band’s Jobless Rate Hits 20%” 7:10 PM Nov 12th

# RT @johnsellers: I saw Teen Wolf in its entirety yesterday for the first time since 1985. *Nobody believes it’s been that long 6:41 PM Nov 12th

# RT @RiversCuomo: “Tragic Girl” is going to be like “You Know You’re Right” for Pinkerton fans. *HAHAHAHAHA…oh wait. 6:40 PM Nov 12th

# RT @poljunk: At 75, Charles Manson goes green: 5:24 PM Nov 12th

# RT @thesonicyouth: mike watt interviews james williamson of iggy and the stooges in sao paulo, brazil Nov. 11 @ 5:03 PM Nov 12th

# RT @Dfactor: @SPINmagazine Stooges are back! Watch Iggy & returning axeman James Williamson play first gig in 35 yrs! 4:58 PM Nov 12th

# Call it the Jason Schwartzman. RT @alyankovic: – Time for a new look. 4:56 PM Nov 12th

# NP: Elliott Smith – “King’s Crossing.” Still spooky and disturbing after all these years. “Gimme one good reason not to do it. So do it…” 4:48 PM Nov 12th from web

# Wilco gives away / autographed Gibson for best / Wilco-themed haiku. #wilcohaiku 2:26 PM Nov 12th

# Year-to-date vinyl sales top 2 million units, up roughly 37% since last year. Digital track sales top 1 billion. 1:05 PM Nov 12th

# She’s thankful because, you know, that joke has been TIRED for a while now… Even SNL didn’t play it up (much). @taylorswift13 12:49 PM Nov 12th from web

# @taylorswift13 thanks “every single person in this room tonight for not running up on this stage during this speech.” 12:47 PM Nov 12th

# Boo. RT @britneyspears: Britney’s twitter account was just hacked. The situation has been resolved and we apologize for any offense. 10:42 AM Nov 12th

# This is going to be entertaining. RT @britneyspears: i hope that the new world order will arrive as soon as possible! -Britney 8:43 AM Nov 12th

# Britney got hacked. RT @britneyspears: I give myself to Lucifer every day for it to arrive as quickly as possible. Glory to Satan! 8:40 AM Nov 12th

# RT @jayreatard: Can some one tell me why british people still listen to ace of base or why danish people even attempt to rap ? 8:53 AM Nov 11th

# RT @LouBarlow: opening solo acoustic for dinosaur jr sucks.. i couldn’t hear myself over the crowd.. remind me to never do that again.. 8:51 AM Nov 11th

# Oh, Slash. RT @SlashHudson: Until now, not too many people have heard Fergie sing Rock & Roll but she sings it better tha most dudes I know. 8:50 AM Nov 11th

# @anti_tomwaits it’s pretty obvious that Tom Waits is not actually using Twitter. 8:37 PM Nov 10th in reply to anti_tomwaits

# Hope someone cool buys them. RT @tipsheet: Pabst, Schlitz, Colt 45 on the Block for $300mm 8:32 PM Nov 10th

# @idolator Unfollow. Uggh. 8:30 PM Nov 10th in reply to idolator

# RT @sfj / @destinationout: Liz Phair’s basement tapes! The legendary Girly Sound cassettes now in MP3 form: 6:50 PM Nov 10th

# McSweeney’s: U2’s Next Stage: “As you can see, it’s basically designed as a six-story high steel manta ray structure.” 2:08 PM Nov 10th

# Radiohead’s Thom Yorke says No Thanks to “a new round of nuclear power stations.” 11:48 AM Nov 10th

# The Seven Biggest Fake Badasses in Music: Johnny Cash #3! Blasphemy! 11:42 AM Nov 10th

# Stream the whole Them Crooked Vultures album on YouTube: 11:40 AM Nov 10th

# @fingertipsmusic questions the “1000 true fans” theory and questions the fate of the casual fan. 11:40 AM Nov 10th

# RT @tipsheet: Watchmen Creator Pens Opera for GORILLAZ Duo *Promises to be mega spooky/apocolyptic. Fun! 11:30 AM Nov 10th

# Ticketmaster’s Q3 2009 revenue: $349 million in (up 3% from Q3 2008). Live Nation’s: $1.81 billion (up 13.8%). Hard times. 10:13 AM Nov 10th

# People still listen to radio, CDs. Even kids. RT @jgrossnas: Nielsen paper exposes myths about music listening habits 9:40 AM Nov 10th

# Billboard bows to GLONO’s demands. RT @tipsheet: Billboard to FINALLY Add Catalog Sales to Top 200!!! 8:44 AM Nov 10th

# Warched this ep last night. Swift was the best part of the show. By far. RT @taylorswift13: The SNL episode is up on iTunes! Yay! 8:34 AM Nov 10th

# This is a bummer. RT @idolator: Maura Johnston says goodbye: 9:13 PM Nov 9th

# They got a deal with youtube or what? RT @crookedvultures: Stream the full Them Crooked Vultures album NOW 9:09 PM Nov 9th

# RT @anti_tomwaits: A gentleman is someone who can play the accordion, but doesn’t. 5:06 PM Nov 9th

# RT @RiversCuomo: Stop comparing me to Andy Kaufman. 5:04 PM Nov 9th

# Newsweek: “It’s also nice to have [Bleach] remastered, so that it plays … with a loudness equal to … subsequent work.” 11:03 AM Nov 9th

# No Cuts to Chicago Music, Arts & Cultural Programs! – The Petition Site 9:34 AM Nov 9th

# RT @iancr: New blog post: Installment 2 in my “Adventures as a Manager” series: 8:37 AM Nov 9th

# RT @solace: If Ian Curtis could have seen into the future to see how many shitty bands he would influence, he’d of hung himself way earlier 10:49 AM Nov 7th

# NP in Subway: “Naughty Naughty” by John Parr, which may be the worst song on record. Prove me wrong. 2:34 PM Nov 6th

# RT @solace: Wu-Note Project: Wu-Tang covers redesigned as Blue Note album covers: via @boingboing 2:10 PM Nov 6th

# RT @xxofMontrealxx: Just had a rad meeting with sir jon brion.looks like were gonna work together on the new album! Dreams do come true:•) 2:06 PM Nov 6th

# Happy birthday, Gram Parsons! The Burritos bling it up in 1970 with their own version of “I’m on a Boat” (NOT ft. T-Pain) 4:03 PM Nov 5th

# Remastering The Beatles: interview with recording engineers Guy Massey and Paul Hicks on EQ, edits, NR, limiting, etc. 3:47 PM Nov 5th

# RT @jgrossnas: Record Store Day- mark your calendar for next April 8:52 AM Nov 5th

# I remember seeing these at Spencers as a kid. And edible underwear. RT @RiversCuomo: Now we need to make Weezer fundies. 11:33 PM Nov 4th

# RT @RiversCuomo: That’s good, right? @David_Hurley “Raditude” just blew my brain out my ass. 9:39 PM Nov 4th

# RT @SarahKSilverman: Im telling you as a friend that if you wake up in the morning & your balls smell like pussy, it should be FROM pussy. 5:39 PM Nov 4th

# An Arbitrary Number of People Demanding That Some Sort Of Action Be Taken *You might want to think about maybe joining us! 5:38 PM Nov 4th

# RT @anti_tomwaits: Kathleen and I came up with this idea of doing music that’s surrural– it’s surreal and it’s rural, it’s surrural. 4:50 PM Nov 4th

# Can’t picture him doing this, but who knows? RT @AntiRecords: All the Wit and Wisdom of Tom Waits is now on Twitter! Follow @anti_tomwaits 4:50 PM Nov 4th

# RT @TartyTart: Tell Lollapalooza who should be in the 2010 lineup: Don’t forget to name your fave Chicago bands 3:03 PM Nov 4th

# New silly Ryan Adams: “Jimmy Whistlenut” Piano ballad with jokey lyrics sung with goofy accent. Oddly good chorus though. 1:27 PM Nov 4th

# Former Stone Roses Singer Ian Brown arrested in London on suspicion of assaulting his wife. 12:08 PM Nov 4th

# Robbie Fulks hates the kids. 11:10 AM Nov 4th

# McSweeney’s Dispatches From a Guy Trying Unsuccessfully to Sell a Song In Nashville. The latest installment is kinda lame. 11:02 AM Nov 4th

# John Lydon on Judge Judy, 1997. Drummer Robert Williams claimed Lydon hit him and wanted $5000 in lost wages. 10:54 AM Nov 4th

# NP: Neil Young – “Sun Green” off Greendale. A 12-minute story of bluesy weirdness. “Be a goddess in the planet wars.” 10:43 AM Nov 4th

# Creed on Conan. Brad Paisley on Letterman. Guess I’m going to sleep now. Night. 11:30 PM Nov 3rd

# RT @solace: The Beatles limited edition USB Apple/stick w/ FLACS: 10:27 PM Nov 3rd

# RT @ParisHilton: In the studio working on new music. 8:19 PM Nov 3rd

# RT @mvmaltese: I put peace under my pillow and it became freedom the next morning 5:53 PM Nov 3rd

# RT @alyankovic: I’ll be singing a Pixies song. With the Pixies. 3:48 PM Nov 3rd

# RT @crookedvultures: Download “Mind Eraser, No Chaser” for Free on iTunes and Click to 3:46 PM Nov 3rd

# Lady Gaga: the first artist in the 17-year history of Billboard’s Pop Songs chart to notch four No. 1s from a debut album. 3:38 PM Nov 3rd

# Chad Channing on Nirvana’s Big Cheese: “My friends and I would play our 45s on 33rpm. It would sound deeper and heavier.” 3:18 PM Nov 3rd

# Krist Novoselic: “If Kurt took something on, he was usually good at it. Like, […] pinball. He’d rack up high scores.” 3:12 PM Nov 3rd

# Just heard: Flaming Lips “Do You Realize” on a Merrill Lynch commercial. Someone’s watching their portfolio, eh? 12:14 AM Nov 3rd

# RT @idolator: Hulk Hogan reveals that he applied to play bass for Metallica: 10:57 PM Nov 2nd

# Julian Casablancas has clearly been on a Til Tuesday bender. 5:51 PM Nov 2nd

# RT @jgrossnas: Illegal downloaders ‘spend the most on music’, says poll 5:00 PM Nov 2nd

# Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” takes in $101M worldwide in five days. $32.5M in US, $68.5M overseas. 4:51 PM Nov 2nd

# Scotland Yard Gospel Choir: On the mend. Benefit at the Hideout with the 1900s and Brighton MA Nov. 12 in Chicago. 4:41 PM Nov 2nd

# Beatles MP3s for Sale Online:… – 160kbps files for 25 cents each. Wired questions legality: 11:14 AM Nov 2nd

# Classic. Kid Rock Interview, Grand Royal Magazine Issue 4 (1996). You’ll be surprised how totally cool he actually was. 11:04 AM Nov 2nd

# Topspin’s Ian Rogers blogs about co-managing independent hip hop artists, Get Busy Committee. 10:36 AM Nov 2nd

# RT @RiversCuomo: Napster, Friendster, Twitter. They all have the “-er” ending in common. I wonder where they got it from? *cough* Weezer 8:35 AM Nov 2nd

# RT @Lefsetz: Columnist Quits After Newsday Starts Charging for Its Web Site: 8:28 AM Nov 2nd

# RT @ebertchicago: The Rumble in the Jungle was 35 years ago today. Sound & art montage. * God bless Ali! 1:41 AM Nov 2nd

# RT @RiversCuomo: Watch Brian clock me in the head in this clip: 10:00 AM Oct 31st

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