GLONO Twitter Roundup #5

Tweet tweetBelow are the things we’ve posted to Twitter recently. In reverse chronological order, just like Twitter…

RT @maura: Math! @tbquirk Too Much Joy’s digital sales royalty statement from Warners 13 minutes ago

Magnet does a Q&A with Ray Davies (who is starting to look like Gene Simmons, at least in that photo) about 3 hours ago

Billboard says “labels should be firm on their rates or risk encouraging less-than-optimal revenue models in the future.” about 3 hours ago

Spiralfrog/Rebel Digital CEO explains why advertiser-supported free music online isn’t working. Yet. about 4 hours ago

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McSweeney’s Dispatches From a Guy Trying Unsuccessfully to Sell a Song In Nashville. Dispatch #5. about 5 hours ago

Tom Petty talks to Rolling Stone about Dylan, Harrison, Wilburys, more. about 5 hours ago

Actor Shane West, who played Darby Crash in a biopic, will sing with the Germs on their UK and Europe tour. about 6 hours ago

Jim DeRogatis’ Rock ‘n’ Roll Holiday Gift Guide ft. box sets, books, and DVDs. about 6 hours ago

UK pub owner fined £8,000 when someone downloaded copyrighted material over its open Wi-Fi hotspot. about 6 hours ago

Having Fun On Stage With Fugazi: 45 minutes of live banter for all you ice cream eating motherfuckers. (via @sfj) about 6 hours ago

Robbie Fulks sends a message to Stephen King: about 6 hours ago

That’s all for now about that. about 18 hours ago

Then retweet this review of 7 Worlds Collide for a chance to win the album on CD & vinyl: #glonolovesyou about 18 hours ago

You know you want it. If you don’t know you want it, read the review and let DP convince you: about 18 hours ago

Hey everybody, our first Twitter contest is sucking balls right now. I.e., your chances to win are really fucking high. about 18 hours ago

Contest: rt this to win project w Radiohead Wilco Marr Finn etc on CD+vinyl: #glonolovesyou about 18 hours ago

@maura When does that new FCC rule about bloggers and free shit kick in? And does it apply to Twitter too? about 18 hours ago in reply to maura

Loftus previews The Shaky Hands for the Village Voice: 3:45 PM Nov 30th

Retweet this review of 7 Worlds Collide for a chance to win the album on CD & vinyl: #glonolovesyou 1:01 PM Nov 30th

Bowing to Puritan pressure? RT @adamlambert: AMA performance was a one time event. Goin in a new direction now. Focus back on the music. 12:31 PM Nov 30th

Morrissey: ‘Suicide is honourable and I understand people who do it’ *A shock to nobody who has heard The Smiths 11:30 AM Nov 30th

Retweet this review of 7 Worlds Collide for a chance to win the album on CD and vinyl: #cybermonday, #glonolovesyou 11:27 AM Nov 30th

Anybody need a Blogads invitation? They’re phasing out their invitation process and we’ve still got a few left. 9:24 AM Nov 30th

RT @RiversCuomo: “Pooters”: possible bad name 4 restaraunt chain where the waitresses wear shorts that R particularly revealing in the back. 11:28 PM Nov 29th

RT @hitsville: BIlly Joel manages to be both bombastic and a twit at the same time. #rockhall25 *But of course! 11:26 PM Nov 29th

RT @Alyssa_Milano: “Love one another.” ~ George Harrison #Quote 11:25 PM Nov 29th

RT @SlashHudson: The whole self titled record was recorded analog. It will be released March/April, tour starts around then too. 9:38 PM Nov 29th

RT @Dfactor: Heard Weezer’s “In the Garage” on 103.9 yesterday – funny how KISS is defined in the song by Ace and Peter, not Paul and Gene. 1:22 PM Nov 29th

Got some very nice notes from Black Whales reps after our Cool Band Alert. #goodPRpractices 12:48 PM Nov 26th

Did that dude in the parade just sing, “God is great, beer is good, people are crazy”??? Damn, country songwriters know how to tap into it! 10:15 AM Nov 26th

RT @Lefsetz: Listen to Joni Mitchell sing “Carey” into “Mr. Tambourine Man” live in 1970 now. THAT’S RIGHT NOW! 9:56 PM Nov 25th

RT @JustinHawkins: Yay! @adamlambert thanked me in his album sleeve notes! I love Adam’s Music Again, that song has gone to a good home. 9:55 PM Nov 25th

RT @AndrewWK: PARTY TIP: Spin around as FAST as you can for 30 seconds. Then start to jump around FAST. If you fall down or puke, it’s OK. 5:12 PM Nov 25th

RT @TartyTart: RT @metalsucks: Ronnie James Dio has stomach cancer! Oh noes!! Get well soon, buddy. 3:10 PM Nov 25th

RT @alyankovic: It’s Thanksgiving Eve! I can’t wait till tomorrow morning to see if crazy ol’ St. Larry left me any gravy under my pillow. 2:40 PM Nov 25th

Huh. Not so sure about that automated “I favorited a YouTube video” thingy. Kinda ooky. #googlefail 2:39 PM Nov 25th

I favorited a YouTube video — Gil Scott-Heron – Comment #1… 2:35 PM Nov 25th from Google

RT @SlashHudson: I’ve heard some great names in my time, but “Bombfrostings” is excellent, where does it come from? 12:33 PM Nov 25th

NP: Liz Phair – Jealousy. Such a great song. The way she spits out the lyrics just kills me. I can’t believe they let you run around free. 11:29 AM Nov 25th

Seriously though, is there any band as cool as Louis Jordan and the Tympany Five? 9:01 AM Nov 25th

Watch out! RT @TartyTart: news on the twitter worm is here: 6:51 AM Nov 25th

RT @mashable: MOG Promises $5 Monthly All-You-Can-Eat Music Starting December 2nd – *Disclosure: we’re a MOG member 5:33 PM Nov 24th

CBS picks up ABC’s sloppy seconds when GMA cancels Glambert: *Smart move on CBS’s part. Ride that controversy to the bank! 5:28 PM Nov 24th

GLONO t-shirts nearly SOLD OUT! Get yours for the holidays while you can. 4:20 PM Nov 24th

Never underestimate the zeal of teenage girls. RT @jgrossnas: Police arrest music exec for not using Twitter 1:25 PM Nov 24th

Listening to Jonathan Goes Country for the first time in years. Can’t keep from grinning like an idiot. So good. 8:32 AM Nov 24th

RT @jgrossnas: download a new Gil Scott-Heron track 7:39 PM Nov 23rd

RT @metalsucks: PLEASE RT! Any bands out there (on the East Coast) looking to rent out their VAN and make some extra $$ for 1 month? DM us. 5:29 PM Nov 23rd

Who knew how shit-hot the Cars were live in 1978? 100% awesome. “Bye Bye Love” 4:38 PM Nov 23rd

eMusic lists its 100 Best Albums of the Decade 1. Is This It; 2. Separation Sunday; 3. Sunset Trree; 4. Arular; 5. Untrue. 3:49 PM Nov 23rd

Cool upcoming iPhone app overlays historical photos with camera viewer: #augmentedreality @chrisgrayson 3:21 PM Nov 23rd

RT @tipsheet: Live BLUR CD Given Away with UK Sunday Paper 1:03 PM Nov 23rd

RT @iancr: streaming the new Sloan EP for free: #musicmonday 1:02 PM Nov 23rd

@gemineye1969 Ha. Green Day is 1988 U2 now, I guess. Minus a Joshua Tree behind them. 10:01 PM Nov 22nd in reply to gemineye1969

@adamlambert Is that all you’ve got? That’s edgy? You made out with your keyboard player for shock value? I’m shocked by the cynicism. #amas 9:59 PM Nov 22nd

Adam Lambert is so Broadway. #amas 9:54 PM Nov 22nd

Remember in 94 when Green Day was pimply and seemed genuinely edgy and almost subversive? They’ll be U2 in 10 years. #amas 9:46 PM Nov 22nd

Eminem doesn’t seem very relevant these days. #amas 9:30 PM Nov 22nd

Pat on pixies show: I might have rather stayed home and played Doolittle on rock band. 1:08 AM Nov 22nd

RT @JoeySantiago: mrblackfrancis and I psychedelicized by the Bean in Chicago. 10:11 PM Nov 21st

@taylorswift13 “I have never used Auto-Tune in a live television performance, and never in any of my concerts.” 4:35 PM Nov 20th

@taylorswift13 desperately tries to convince @lefsetz that she doesn’t use AutoTune, and that she’s an authentic artist. 2:36 PM Nov 20th

Whoa! Neil Young fansite Thrasher’s Wheat calls me out for the post re: Fillmore “Cinnamon Girl.” Yowza! 11:08 AM Nov 20th

RT @iancr: . @GetBusyCommittE say standing out in hip hop is “the easiest thing to do in your life” in Huffington Post: 6:01 AM Nov 20th

RT @nprmonitormix: another great piece of writing by Tobi Vail on Britney Spears + Beth Ditto: 3:43 PM Nov 19th

Jeff Tweedy talks about the Beatles remasters, Twitter, speakers, and the crappy pick-up he uses in his acoustic guitar. 3:19 PM Nov 19th

Michaelangelo Matos asks “What’s In An Indie?” for NPR’s Monitor Mix Blog 1:06 PM Nov 19th

Jack White: “Appetite is one of the best rock albums of the past 20-30 years.” Slash “a really interesting guitar player.” 12:26 PM Nov 19th

On Riri: “Isn’t it great that, even in these commercially co-opted times, some people still equate rock with rebellion?” 12:13 PM Nov 19th

RT @jgrossnas: Can we really tell loss-less music from regular MP3’s? 8:40 AM Nov 19th

RT @johnsellers: As a native of GR, MI, I apologize on behalf of these 1,500 dillweeds waiting to meet Sarah Palin. 9:27 PM Nov 18th

RT @seanbuzzgrinder: “No. 1 rock myth: Radiohead can do no wrong. Realty: Radiohead Kinda Blow” 4:47 PM Nov 18th

The audio source of that Dock Ellis no-hitter video that’s going around: MP3 too: 4:09 PM Nov 18th

“‘I want to be dancing on Mars in a red jumpsuit. I want to have a really cute spaceman, but there can’t be any rockets.” 12:44 PM Nov 18th

“The Stooges and The MC5 didn’t shop at Hot Topic plus they had two things you guys will never have… testicles and RIFFS!” 12:29 PM Nov 18th

An Open Letter to Adam Lambert From the Gay Thought Police 12:03 PM Nov 18th

Whoa! Evan Chandler, father of Michael Jackson accuser dead from single bullet wound to the side of his head. 11:55 AM Nov 18th

Music Icons Auction Catalog: lots of stuff from Ramones, Nirvana, Beatles, Bo Diddley, Michael Jackson, Madonna, more. 11:37 AM Nov 18th

An MSNBC poll asks, “Who should be nominated for the Grammy for Best New Artist?” And so far “Who cares!” leads with 55%. 11:11 AM Nov 18th

WFMU needs money. “Their programming cures diseases you don’t even know about before they hit the street.” 11:07 AM Nov 18th

“Not only does Auto-Tune push voices towards a single, anonymous mean, it eliminates weaknesses that can be strengths.” 11:05 AM Nov 18th

Edward Burch Talks About the Jay Bennett Birthday Celebration that took place on Sunday. 10:55 AM Nov 18th

Anyone else think the Avett Brothers’ “Kick Drum Heart” sounds like a long lost Mustard Plug outtake? 8:48 AM Nov 18th

RT @RiversCuomo: Indie bloggers, please stop reviewing Weezer’s “Raditude”. You’re weighing down our Metacritic score! 8:37 AM Nov 18th

RT @MrBlackFrancis: 20 mins to show time. Kim n I warming up voices. Dave warming up with sticks. Joey warming up on iPhone. 9:46 PM Nov 17th

RT @daytrotter: FREE Daytrotter iPhone app now available!! Enjoy everyone! 4:49 PM Nov 17th

RT @7im: Pontiac Silverdome sold for “$583,000, or about $7.25 per seat” #holyshit #detroitdepression 4:48 PM Nov 17th

Awesome photos of Gram Parsons, Keith Richards, and Anita Pallenberg in France while the Stones were recording “Exile.” 4:44 PM Nov 17th

Hobos or Headliners? 15 Aging Rockstars *We actually like the George Washington look Jimmy page is sporting 4:08 PM Nov 17th

RT @jgrossnas: Velvets fans- Lou, Maureen & Doug at NY Library on Dec 8th 12:42 PM Nov 17th

NME’s top albums of ’00s: 1. Is This It; 2. Up the Bracket; 3. xtrmntr; 4. Whatever People Say I Am; 5. Fever to Tell. 9:51 AM Nov 17th

Disney to revive Michael Jackson’s 1986 3D film “Captain Eo” (produced by George Lucas, directed by Francis Ford Coppola). 9:39 AM Nov 17th

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