iTunes Beats All with 69% Digital Market Share

Two things: One, Digital sales of music is up 15% over last year; Two, iTunes is killing everyone out there, including Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Amazon.

According to The NPD Group, “Apple iTunes leads in the U.S. with 25 percent of music units (digital or otherwise) sold, which is up from 21 percent in 2008 and 14 percent in 2007.” Walmart comes in second with 14%. CDs are still the dominate medium and account for 65% of all music sold in the first half of the year but digital is gaining fast.

It’s that gaining market that is so interesting and show just how dominate iTunes is in that arena. According to the report iTunes comprised a whopping 69% of the digital sales market, followed by AmazonMP3 with just 8%. Shazam!

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Via MacNewsDaily.

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