John Darnielle vs. Jandek

North Carolina’s Independent Weekly interviews John Darnielle about the enigmatic Jandek:

Now that he plays live, there’s nothing wrong with it. He’s still doing the same thing. But that one aspect of it that was such an incredible mystery—and real mysteries are so rare in this world. There aren’t any, especially in music, where everything anybody ever does… I used to like to be coy about this band that I was in in high school because there was almost no information about us. We had an archive of tapes that was like four hours of material or more, but we wouldn’t answer any questions and there was this mystery. But the Internet ruined all of that. You can’t have any secrecy unless you’re Jandek. He had nothing but secrets. Now he still has some, but fewer.

Jandek will perform at in Chapel Hill on February 22.

Jandek: wiki, myspace, documentary, label.

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