Johnny Marr’s Five Fave Singles (ft. Johnny Marr)

In a recent interview with Evening News 24, Johnny Marr admitted that he really likes the music he’s made over the years.

“I really loved the Modest Mouse album. I like a lot of Smiths records. I like Dusk by The The. I like some of the Electronic singles. It’s all part of the same life to. If I owned a jukebox, which I don’t, I could probably fill it with 45s out there that I’ve played on and enjoy.”

Here are the five singles featuring his own work he said he would put in that jukebox.

Video: Electronic – “Get The Message”

Electronic: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

Check out the other four singles after the jump…

Video: Modest Mouse – “Dashboard”

Modest Mouse: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

Video: The Smiths – “Bigmouth Strikes Again”

The Smiths: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

Video: The Cribs – “Cheat on Me”

The Cribs: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

Video: The The – “Dogs of Lust”

The The: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

5 thoughts on “Johnny Marr’s Five Fave Singles (ft. Johnny Marr)”

  1. Top 5??? Not sure I could even get it down to five Smiths songs, but here are my fave Johnny Marr songs (off the top of my head):

    The Smiths – This Charming Man

    The Smiths – Handsome Devil

    The Smiths – Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (live)

    The Smiths – Boy With a Thorn in His Side

    The Smiths – There is a Light That Never Goes Out

    The Smiths – Jean

    The Smiths – Please Please Please Let Me Get What I want

    The the – Beaten Generation

    The the – Good Morning Beautiful

    The the – Beyond Love

    The the – Dogs of Lust

    The the – Slow Emotion Replay

    The the – Jealous of Youth

    The Pretenders – Windows of the World

    Electronic – Getting Away With It

    Electronic – Get the Message

    Electronic – Vivid

    Electronic – Twisted Tenderness

    Billy Bragg – Sexuality

    Modest Mouse – Dashboard

    Modest Mouse – We’ve Got Everything

    Modest Mouse – Little Motel

    Oasis – Born on a Different Cloud

    I am sure there are tons more…

  2. 1. The Smiths – “What Difference Does It Make?”

    2. Talking Heads – “Nothing But Flowers”

    3. Kirsty MacColl – “Days”

    4. The The – “The Beat(en) Generation”

    5. Electronic – “Getting Away With It”

    6. Modest Mouse – “Dashboard”

    Did he do anything worthwhile between ~1992 and 2007?

  3. One more (a b-side, but that’s okay): Billy Bragg – “Walk Away Renee (version)”

    It’s just Marr fingerpicking the Left Banke song and Bragg reciting a great poem over it.

    I said, “I’m the most illegible bachelor in town”

    And she said, “Yeah, that’s why I can never understand

    Any of those silly letters you send me.”

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