Lady SOV is a Humorless Little Turd

This isn’t new but it’s too funny not to share. Some dude has been challenging Lady SOV to a rap battle. His name: DJ Jelly Donut and he dresses in a donut costume. When he shows up at one of her shows and gets the crowd on his side, the World’s Tallest Midget loses her cool and has him tossed. What happens outside is hilarious. Watch through to the end.

Jelly Donut Vs. Lady Sovereign (w/ sound)

Lady SOV: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

One thought on “Lady SOV is a Humorless Little Turd”

  1. OK, I’m not the most versed in hip-hop customs, but I wasn’t aware established artists actually got called out to battle unknowns. And if not, isn’t this a major dis on this chick?

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