Lester Bangs’ New Taste Treat


Okay, we’ll get to a full book review soon, but I just got my promo copy of BOMP! 2: Born in the Garage, and flipping through it last night I found this awesome bit from Lester Bangs in the Letters to the Editor section in Who Put the Bomp #7 (Summer 1971):

Lastly, I have just discovered a new taste treat: just take a 6-pak of Busch Bavarian, put it in the freezer until it’s almost entirely frozen, so when you pop one about half to 2/3rds of it’s like a beer popsicle inside, LEAVE IN THE CAN, then pour in as much good Jack Daniels Kentucky Sour Mash Sippin’ Whiskey as your heart whims, for the whoopingest boilermaker of your life, Jack. Guaranteed to make you hop and holler and riccochet off the ceiling just like Uncle Scrooge (hero of lifetimes!) diving through his tides of coin. Send this paragraph to Richard Meltzer if you don’t print it.

So best.

Anyway, for now I’ll just say that Bomp 2 is great (on first impression it looks way better than the original Bomp collection), and anybody who cares about the history of amateur rock and roll writing (and music obsessiveness in general) should by all means check it out.

Bomp: Amazon, wiki, web.

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