6 thoughts on “Linda Ronstadt – "You’re No Good" Live”

  1. You ain’t lyin brother, that guitar solo is Da Bomb! I had to do a little research to find out who that cat is, and I was able to find this photo of him from later in his career:


    And yes, Rondstadt has a skirt that I would like to rub my fingers over repeatedly and whisper sweet nothings to. But not in a creepy way.

  2. Jesus Christ, grandchillun, that’s Andrew Gold. Part of the Mellow Mafia. Linda got a pass because of her pipes and her foxiness, and because Neil thought her eyes were soulful, but here fellow travelers were of the stuff of Poco, the Eagles and other abominations.

    Andrew Gold was tasteful, I guess, but that was (and often remains) an slur for me rather than a compliment.

    As I mentioned on the boards, here’s the better vid of “You’re No Good

  3. The conga player in Lep’s version of YNG looks a LOT like the amazing Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, he of guitar fame with Steely Dan and the Doobies. What Skunk might be doing playing congas… well, it’s Linda Rondstadt; maybe he just wanted to hang with her, get a view of her from behind!!

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