Lovetones – Journeyman

MP3: The Lovetones – “Journeyman” from Dimensions, out February 24 on Planting Seeds.

You can tell that the Lovetones’ Matthew Tow has been a member of the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Four minutes of sixties-influenced psychedelic pop. If you enjoy Anton Newcombe’s prettier, more straightforward stuff, you’ll like this song.

The Lovetones: web, myspace.

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  1. I came across the Lovetones soemwhere and saw that Matthew Tow was in BJM at one time. That confused me ’cause I could swear in another band. Lo and behold, I was right. He was the main member of the psych band Drop City and had had his own solo project Coloursound. In fact, Drop City did a pretty good version of “Losing Touch of My Mind”. I do not think Anton was an influence but more like they are of like minds. I always enjoyed Drop City and Coloursound. It is nice to know what became of Matthew Tow.

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