Marilyn Manson vs. Buddyhead

Good old Buddyhead is back to its game of pissing off lame celebrities. This time, they’ve really upset spooky old Marilyn Manson:

Marilyn Manson is really pissed at Buddyhead cause we called him a fat cokehead poser. Well, MAN-the-fuck-UP Tubby! Everything we said is true! Plus your last record only sold 49,000 copies so you should be stoked ANYONE is still writing about you, man. I mean there’s really no point crying about it. But cry he did, and on his myspace blog of all places! Apparently there are people still blogging on Myspace. Probably only sex offenders, by now.

Good times. The article that Manson is apparently so pissed about was not even published on Buddyhead at all, but rather in an L.A. Weekly profile of the relaunched Buddyhead (which you’d have already read if you’re following GLONO on Twitter).

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