Morrissey Gets No Royalties

How I dearly wish I was not here...According to a post on fan site True To You, Morrissey would like it to be known that he “has not received a royalty from EMI since 1992” and “last received a royalty payment from Warners ten years ago.”

This comes in response to his former labels releasing some new vinyl box sets. The 7″ Singles ’88-’91, is due October 12 in the UK from EMI, and The HMV/Parlophone Singles ’91-’95 is due November 2. No US release is scheduled for those. Also, Warner/Rhino UK is releasing a box of the Smiths‘ four studio albums, remastered 180 gram vinyl (bundled with MP3s). But Moz was not consulted and does not approve.

Morrissey: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

The Smiths: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

The 7″ Singles ’88 – 91

A – ‘Suedehead’

B – ‘I Know Very Well How I Got My Name’

A – ‘Everyday Is Like Sunday’

B – ‘Disappointed’

A – ‘The Last Of The Famous International Playboys’

B – ‘Lucky Lisp’

A – ‘Interesting Drug’

B – ‘Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference’

A – ‘Oujia Board, Oujia Board’

B – ‘Yes I Am Blind’

A – ‘November Spawned A Monster’

B – ‘He Knows I’d Love To See Him’

A – ‘Piccadilly Palare’

B – ‘Get Off The Stage’

A – ‘Our Frank’

B – ‘Journalists Who Lie’

A – ‘Sing Your Life’

B – ‘That’s Entertainment’

A – ‘Pregnant For The Last Time’

B – ‘Skin Storm’

The HMV/Parlophone Singles ’91-95

A – ‘My Love Life’

B – ‘I’ve Changed My Plea To Guilty’

A – ‘We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful’

B – ‘Suedehead’ (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, October 4, 1991)

A – ‘You’re The One For Me, Fatty’

B – ‘Pashernate Love’

A – ‘Certain People I Know’

B – ‘Jack The Ripper’

A – ‘The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get’

B – ‘Used To Be A Sweet Boy’

A – ‘Hold On To Your Friends’

B – ‘Moon River’

A – ‘Interlude’

B – ‘Interlude (Extended)’

A – ‘Boxers’

B – ‘Have-A-Go Merchant’

A – ‘Sunny’

B – ‘Black-Eyed Susan’

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  1. He should sign to GLONO.

    “Morrissey, let me ask you something. If you could have more time, or more money, what do you think you’d choose? Because I have an exciting opportunity for you to make a full-time salary on a part-time schedule, all while working for yourself!”

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