Neil Young Archives: June 2

Once again, Neil Young‘s Archives box has a release date: June 2, 2009. At least that’s what Elliot Roberts announced at South by Southwest on March 21. We’ll see.

According to Billboard, “The set will be available as a 10-disc Blu-Ray edition listing for $299, a 10-DVD box for $199 and a CD version for $99.” Now we’re talking. That makes sense. It’s affordable even! Of course, we should all know by now not to get our hopes up too high. Neil has a 40-year habit of changing his mind at the last minute.

Is it strange he should change? I don’t know…

Update: DeRo has “touched it!” Thanks, Dreamin’.

Update #2: Thrasher’s Wheat has the tracklist.

In news we don’t really care about, Neil has tossed off another homemade video from his spontaneous new album, Fork in the Road, due April 7.

Video: Neil Young – “Cough Up the Bucks”

Neil dress like a “Wall Street” guy and rides aroud in a limo while “talking” into his cell phone. So goofy. But as long as he (eventually) releases the Archives, I’m happy.

One thought on “Neil Young Archives: June 2”

  1. On June 2nd, trumpets will sound, the barn doors will swing open and Neil Young will appear riding on a unicorn to deliver what we’ve all been waiting for. Amen.

    Or not.

    I’m still excited about this. (Against my better judgment.)

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