More Acoustic Neil Young Coming Soon – Dreamin' Man

Neil Young Archives Performance Series #12: Dreamin' Man

You can criticize Neil Young for a lot of things, but nobody can say that he’s been holding out on us in 2009. A new album, the first volume of the Archives, remastered versions of his first four albums: you’d think that would be enough in one year. You’d be wrong. On his N Y Times, Neil announces his next release:

DREAMIN’ MAN, Neil Young Archives Performance Series #12, will be released on or about Nov. 2nd, 17 years after the original release of Harvest Moon. A closer look at Harvest Moon songs, all performed solo acoustic before the release of Harvest Moon, DREAMIN’ MAN contains intimate live performances recorded in concert halls during 1992.

This was a great period for Neil, and the bootlegs of these shows sounded great. Of course, we already have Unplugged from roughly the same era, but hey…nobody tells Neil what to do.

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