Neil Young: Filesharing is "the new radio"

ReadWriteWeb talks to Neil Young about Music Piracy, MP3 Hell and Finding Freaks on the Web:

“Ten Blu-ray disks doesn’t lend itself to P2P. They [the fans] are going to do that anyway – people are going to copy all this music. We don’t have to deal with that. All we’re doing is supplying the mother-lode, trying to give them quality whether they want it or not. You can degrade it as far as you want, we just don’t want our name on it… It’s up to the masses to distribute it however they want. The laws don’t matter at that point. People sharing music in their bedrooms is the new radio.”

Good old Neil. And I’m still a little shocked that the June 2 release date for the Archives (Blu-ray, DVD, CD) is still set. Oh well, he’s still got three and a half weeks to change his mind again.

Neil Young: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki.

Via TwentyFourBit.

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