Two New Kanye West Videos

Well, one new one and one old, previously unreleased one anyway. The new one is the official video for “Paranoid” (featuring Rihanna), directed by Nabil Elderkin, which has been circulating for a while in various states of completion. As Kanye clarifies on his blog, “Here is the Paranoid vid which wasn’t supposed to drop till 2mrw but here it goes… I’d rather you guys have a clear version…”

Kanye West – “Paranoid” (ft. Rihanna)

After the jump, check out Kanye’s video for “Spaceship,” which he describes on his blog: “I DIRECTED THIS VIDEO FOUR YEARS AGO BUT I WASN’T SATISFIED WITH IT SO I NEVER RELEASED IT. BUT NOW LOOKING BACK AT IT I LIKE IT.”

Video: Kanye West – “Spaceship”

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2 thoughts on “Two New Kanye West Videos”

  1. “Paranoid” is fun video, but I’ve watched it three times and still can’t seem to find where he’s supposed to say “Make a joke and I will sigh and you will laugh and I will cry”. Is my Internet broken?

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