New Lennon Bio Pic: Nowhere Boy

It’s a terrible name so can the film be any good? Who knows? A new biographical film on John Lennon titled Nowhere Boy premiered in the UK this week. The film focuses on Lennon’s youth up through the launch of The Beatles. One unique factor is the use of Lennon’s actual voice to drive some of the narrative. He’s a fascinating character and the story of The Beatles doesn’t get old for many of us, but how many really good non-documentary movies have been made about John Lennon’s life and music?

Trailer: Nowhere Boy

Via Melophobe

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2 thoughts on “New Lennon Bio Pic: Nowhere Boy”

  1. I’m kind of a sucker for trailers, but that actually looks like it might be cool. The whole Julia-John-Mimi triangle could be really interesting.

    Hopefully they portray him honestly and try to explore where all that anger and his cruel streak came from.

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