Three New Sufjan Stevens Songs (Live)

Why does Sufjan Stevens hate pop music? Why’s a guy with such a talent for writing evocative pop music gotta get all arty and jazzy on our asses and make seven-plus minute long jams with long, cacophonous freakouts? Why? Because he’s apparently “at a point where [he] no longer [has] a deep desire to share [his] music with anyone.” Dude.

Video: Sufjan Stevens – “There’s Too Much Love” (live in Ithaca 9/23/09)

Two more after the jump…

Video: Sufjan Stevens – “Impossible Souls” (live in Ithaca 9/23/09)

Video: Sufjan Stevens – “Age of Adz” (live in Ithaca 9/23/09)

Via Pitchfork.

Sufjan Stevens: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki.

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