NWA – "Help" tha Police

Video: Adam Buxton – “Help the Police”

I literally have tears in my eyes from laughing out loud. I can’t believe it’s been online since 2007 and nobody I know has sent it to me before. It’s so perfect, I can hardly believe it.

I used to think I was a clever N.W.A. fan for saying, “Fuck the police coming straight from the underground / A young brother’s got it bad ’cause I’m JAKE BROWN.” But I’ve got absolutely nothing on this guy. Holy cow. I know I’m prone to hyperbole, but seriously everybody needs to watch this. It’s absolutely perfectly done. This dude needs to do a family friendly, British version of the entire Straight Outta Compton album.

It’s apparently from the BBC series Rush Hour. Wikipedia tells me that “BBC Three didn’t recommission the show for second series due to bad reviews,” which, based on this one sketch, I find very hard to believe.

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20 thoughts on “NWA – "Help" tha Police”

  1. I’m with Jake on this one. Maybe because like his clever “…Got it bad ’cause I’m Jake Brown,” I got into the habit of dropping “Jay” into any song on The Chronic that mentioned “Dre.”

  2. I found this funny. I’m not sure why, any more than I’m sure why I like Nina Gordon’s cover of this song so much.

  3. That song has s special meaning for many african-americans. To trivialize it like that is very unfortunate.

  4. Doctor Lemon–I must respectfully disagree. It’s all in fun. Perhaps we can kick this around in class for open topic friday?

  5. Doctor, please.

    Using “Fuck da Police” to make fun of soccer dads doesn’t trivialize it. Even if that were the intent, and it is not, the song itself – never mind it’s impact – is strong enough to stand up to its being used in a comic setting.

  6. Good idea Jaquon. I’ll have Mario set it up so the whole class can see the video. Then we’ll devote the entire 90 minutes to it friday.Come prepared to defend your position. Lep–are you a nan of color in America? Or are you just speaking for us?

  7. Good Doctor,

    I wasn’t talking about any individual’s response to the song, much less any group’s. I was talking about the strength of a work of art, and so I could only be speaking for my mind, not any other individual or imagined collective one.

    It could be argued, and I’d bet it has been, by people who identify themselves as and profess to represent African-descended Americans, that NWA’s work trivializes their experience. I don’t believe that, but I do believe that argument would deserve more serious consideration than yours.

  8. The question should be is the Doctor really a man of color, or is he just taking a piss as a result of his anonymous posting ability.

    Take me for example. I drank a bunch of Ruby Red Squirt and now my skin color is a majestic shade of crimson. There’s nothing you can do to disprove it, so therefore I find the Doctor’s posts about this video offensive. You didn’t even specify your race initially, and then you reply back as another commentor using a (misspelled) name that is frequently used among African American families. That in itself is more offensive than the video.

  9. The song is great because it resonated with people of all colors who felt oppressed by the man in 1989… and 1999… and now 2009. This parody has nothing to do with race.

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