Oral History of Krist Novoselic

There’s a ton of fascinating information in the state of Washington’s Legacy Project’s oral history of Krist Novoselic (93-page PDF). For example, his name, if spelled the traditional Croation way, Krste, should be pronounced like “cursed.” And his last name should be pronounced “No-voss-o-litch”, although Novoselic himself pronounces it “Novo-sell-itch.”

Tons of cool stories about growing up, listening to music, moving to Croatia when he was 15, Nirvana (of course), and his political activism now. It’s a great read.

Plus, I’ve recently realized Krist Novoselic and Quasar Wut-Wut‘s Brent Sulek were quite clearly separated at birth.

MP3: Eyes Adrift – “Alaska”

Via Rolling Stone.

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