Paul's Boutique reissue details

The Beastie Boys talk to MTV News about the Paul’s Boutique reissue:

“The other day at the studio, we saw the artwork for the CD,” Mike D said. “And it finally looks proper. After years in the making, on its 20th anniversary, it’s going to finally be correct.”

“We remastered it too,” MCA added. “So now it actually does have enough bass to shatter your one frozen testicle.”

Amazon lists the release date as February 20, and reveals artwork that boasts of “fold out poster + digital download card to access bonus audio band commentary.” Badass.

MP3: “Looking Down the Barrel…” (a cappella) from the Beastie Boys A Cappella Download Page.

Paul's Boutique (20th Anniversary Edition) [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED]

One thought on “Paul's Boutique reissue details”

  1. The only thing I miss about vinyl is the record jackets, artwork, liner notes, etc.

    What am i supposed to do with a digital download card? Print it on paper and tape it to the back of my iPhone?

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