Pay to Slum: Lady Gaga, "Love Game"

Video: Lady GaGa – “Love Game”

Anyone educated in sex knows the facts: when you’re arrested for breakdance fighting, seduce the nearest cop. When Lady Gaga has sex, it’s only in two places: a 26th century parking garage or in a phone booth after a particularly steamy breakdance fight. This is because, as she says, she’s educated in sex. But it’s also because Lady Gaga does lines of WTF off the hyphen in dance-pop.

“Love Game” isn’t even the best single off of The Fame. “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” still power neon lights on the moon, and have better versions of kooky Gaga speak like “disco stick.” But that stick is just long enough to give “Game” the Lady brand of weirdness. It’s articulated, calculated, and calibrated to make you suddenly crave crappy, but totally baller-ific bottle service. That’s the Gaga guarantee, etched on a brass plate in a time capsule she discovered jutting from solid rock on the floor of the Pacific. (This was while she was a passenger in X-Tina‘s bathysphere. Underwater, Christina Aguilera calls all-time X-Tina.) “Make them crave bottle service,” read the runes, and Lady Gaga knew it was time to buy a new bodysuit. Oh, and to always be educated in sex.


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5 thoughts on “Pay to Slum: Lady Gaga, "Love Game"”

  1. Something tells me that in fifteen years we’re going to look at this video the same way we laugh at Tiffany videos now. Whether or not that’s a bad thing I’ll leave that up to someone else to decide.

  2. The weird thing about the last ten years or so is that all these acts that should’ve for all intents and purposes been one-hit wonders are stretching out their 15 minutes for over a decade…

    Back in 1999, who would’ve imagined that Britney Spears would still be on magazine covers and have the highest grossing tour of 2009? Not us, that’s for sure.

    So who knows? It’s a crazy world. And it’s just getting crazier. Lady GaGa could still be selling out stadiums in 2020. Back in 2001, GLONO declared that “Pop is dead.” Guess not…

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