Pete Doherty Solo Album Details Revealed

Pete Doherty Phones It In The NME claims to have the first copy of Pete Doherty‘s as-yet-unnamed solo album and they’ve posted details of what’s inside. What does it sound like? “Well, like Gorillaz. And The Coral. And The La’s. And Blur. And Bob Dylan.” OK.

The album apparently features a lot of work from the recently reunited Blur guitarist Graham Coxon and veers from plaintive acoustic ballads and musings on what it is to be British, to “Gorrillaz-esque” dance and drone numbers. Production credit goes to Stephen Street and the album was recorded at London’s Olympic Studios, according to Spin.

The album is currently slated to drop on March 9 in the UK with no US release date yet scheduled.

Tracklisting after the jump…

Pete Doherty solo album tracklist:

1. “Arcadie”

2. “Last Of The English Roses”

3. “1939 Returning”

4. “A Little Death Around The Eyes”

5. “Salome”

6. “Through The Looking Glass”

7. “Sweet By And By”

8. “Palace Of Bone” 9. “Sheepskin Tearaway”

10. “Broken Love Song”

11. “New Love Grows On Trees”

12. “Lady, Don’t Fall Backwards”

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