Peter Doherty – Live in Edinburgh (Photos)

Peter Doherty - Live in Edinburgh

Peter Doherty in Newcastle Upon Tyne and Edinburgh

March 26 and 27, 2009

Each night Peter Doherty took to the stage with a full band including strings, as well as Graham Coxon and producer Stephen Street. Both nights Peter played the entire Grace/Wastelands album and a mixture of Libertines and Babyshambles songs.

Both nights saw an ecstatic crowd reaction. At Newcastle (my home town) the crowd had to be told to move back from the stage as there was a danger of crushing. In Edinburgh it was a rowdy Friday night crowd, and the lunatic fringe were out throwing glasses of beer (some say piss) at the stage, and looting the merchandise stand. I do not want to sound like a Daily Mail editorial—I am all for the spirit of rock and roll—but there is no justification for acting like a total tool.

It was an end of term feel in Edinburgh, this being the last date of the tour outside of London. The whole band looked ready to have an end of tour knees up, taking to the stage in jeans and t-shirts rather than the dapper suits worn throughout the tour. The majority of the crowd were there to join the band in making it an end of tour party. They sang along, and Peter seemed so inspired that he joined the crowd by diving head first from the stage into the manic throng.

Changing the set around in Edinburgh by substituting “What A Waster” and “Tell The King” with “Don’t Look Back Into The Sun” and “Can’t Stand Me Now.” “Fuck Forever” was dropped at Edinburgh as the show was cut short.

These two gigs showed the new slick professional Peter – but as ever with any Peter show they have a spirit of unpredictability and mayhem that makes each gig a rock n roll adventure.

Peter Doherty - Live in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Peter Doherty - Live in Edinburgh

Peter Doherty - Live in Edinburgh

Peter Doherty - Live in Edinburgh

Peter Doherty - Live in Edinburgh

Peter Doherty - Live in Edinburgh

Edinburgh setlist

Music When The Lights Go Out


Last Of The English Roses

1939 Returning

A Little Death Around The Eyes

Palace Of Bone

Through The Looking Glass

Don’t Look Back Into The Sun

Can’t Stand Me Now

For Lovers


I Am The Rain

Sheepskin Tearaway

Lady Don’t Fall Backwards

Sweet By And By

New Love Grows On Trees

Broken Love Song


Time For Heroes

All photos by David Wala. See more of his work at

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4 thoughts on “Peter Doherty – Live in Edinburgh (Photos)”

  1. Awesome – wish I coulda seen it, looting and all.

    Is this the beginning of a new Pete, one that stays out of rehab for at least a few years?

  2. I find it curious that Stephen Street is on tour with him. He’s a producer. What’s he doing on the road? Keeping an eye on Pete, perhaps? Maybe he’s just having fun, playing the rock star for a moment.

  3. Nice one David.

    Glad you enjoyed it.

    Stephen was on tour as he was the musical director for the show and morphed ino a musician and part of the band.

    One of the best tours I have ever done and really proud of everyone involved.

    Stephen looking after Peter?

    Nah ….

    We all looked after each other.

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