Photo Tour of the Wilco Loft

The Wilco Loft

Loft Life Magazine takes a tour of Wilco’s recording studio.

Just last year, musician Andrew Bird spent four days recording at the Loft. He spent the entire first day arranging the studio space just to get the right violin sound. Using microphones placed around the room, he was able to pick up the acoustics of his violin as well as the sound of the amps bouncing off the walls. The sixty-plus guitars sitting around the room all hummed along, as the vibrations from everything else shook and resonated the steel strings, adding even more texture to the sound. The Loft is, essentially, an instrument of its own.

Looks like they’ve done a fine job of replacing all the gear that Jay Bennett took with him after they kicked him out, ha ha. But do they have a Mellotron? There are apparently additional photos in the print version of the magazine.

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