Pinkerton: Deluxe Edition Coming Soon

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According to a post from Karl Koch on Weezer‘s site, there’s a Deluxe Edition of Pinkerton in the pipeline “in the coming months … at last – if all goes as planned.”

There’s also a handful of stuff we don’t really care about:

* Weezer’s 7th studio album, release date and title to be announced

* 1st single and video from the new album

* a to-be-announced special non-physical release

* weezer APE online radio station (as announced recently)

Wonder what will be included on the Deluxe Edition of Pinkerton… If the Deluxe Edition of the blue album is any indication, it will include all of the era’s b-sides plus a handful of unreleased rarities. My guess at the track listing after the jump…

Officially released non-album tracks:

• “You Gave Your Love to Me Softly” (Angus soundtrack)

• “Susanne” (Mallrats soundtrack) [This was included on disc two of the blue album Deluxe Edition -ed.]

• “You Gave Your Love to Me Softly” (El Scorcho single)

• “Devotion” (El Scorcho single)

• “The Good Life” (Remix) (Good Life promo single)

• “Waiting on You” (Good Life EP)

• “I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams” (Good Life EP)

• “The Good Life” (live acoustic) (Good Life EP)

• “Pink Triangle” (live acoustic) (Good Life EP)

• “Pink Triangle” (Remix) (Pink Triangle promo single)

• “Velouria” (Where Is My Mind: A Tribute to the Pixies, 1998)

“Nearly finished” songs:

• “I Swear It’s True”

• “Getting Up And Leaving”

Songs from the Black Hole recorded/performed with band:

• “Blast Off!”

• “You Won’t Get With Me Tonight”

• “Superfriend”

• “Longtime Sunshine”

Previously: Weezer’s Pinkerton: 10 Years Later (2006)

MP3: Weezer – “You Won’t Get With Me Tonight” (courtesy of Songs From The Black Hole, and released on Gimme Skelter)

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3 thoughts on “Pinkerton: Deluxe Edition Coming Soon”

  1. Cool. At least cool for people who realize that Weezer stopped being an interesting band after this album.

  2. Wow. I never knew what era specific =w= b-sides and rarities came from, but those are all my favorites.

    Talk about a band really being at it’s peak.

  3. “I Swear it’s True” was on the second disc of the Blue Album deluxe also. And those Black hole songs were all on the Rivers Cuomo “Alone” CDS he put out. Regardless this will be an awesome album

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