Remastered Paul's Boutique Is Here

Sopping Wet

From “Paul” himself:

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Paul’s Boutique we have digitally re-mastered and reissued the record. The reissue comes in five versions offering everything from a digital-only package with 320kbps MP3 downloads to an exclusive limited-edition V.I.P. Type package that includes a CD, 180-gram vinyl, a Paul’s Boutique t-shirt and a never seen before poster that’s 8 ft wide. (OH WHAT!?????!!!!!!???) Most items are available exclusively at

Digital downloads are available in lossless formats (FLAC and Apple lossless). You’ll also find band commentaries, videos, original album art, and more.

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Physical release is due February 10. There are no bonus tracks (aw, not even the b-sides!), but every configuration includes a “track-by-track audio commentary by the band detailing the making of the record.”

• The standard Digital Download is $11.99.

• The Deluxe Digital Download is $15.99.

• The CD (includes immediate download) is $18.99.

• The Vinyl (includes immediate download) is $23.99.

• The 20th Anniversary Commemorative Package is $129.99.

Which option are you planning on grabbing?

4 thoughts on “Remastered Paul's Boutique Is Here”

  1. I don’t know…I have a problem paying as much as they’re charging for each item, and especially so for an album I already paid for back in the day.

    That being said, I’ve got more rhymes than Jamaica got mangos!

  2. the website is a hell of a nostalgia trip… a lot of the user comments bring you back to ’89.

    as much as my inner beastie geek would like me to pick up the deluxe package, i’m afraid i just can’t pull the trigger. i’ve already had possession of it in tape, vinyl, cd, and have it on my ipod.

    the commentary would be cool to listen to once. though, it’s always going to be about the music and the connection i’ve had with it over the years. so, for $130 i’m looking at a t-shirt and a poster (yeah, yeah and a remastered vinyl album too). i just don’t think i’m down with that.

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