Rivers Cuomo asks: What If God Was One of Us?

Video: Rivers and Rainn – “One of Us” (Joan Osborne cover, featuring the guy from Six Feet Under who everybody calls the guy from The Office, on bongos.)

This is, of course, an absolutely terrible song. As trite and insipid as any late-night conversation with a drunk sorority girl. But Cuomo sings it straight, and it ends up sounding pretty. Rainn Wilson‘s bongos don’t hurt the vibe. Who knew he was the John Bonham of bongos?

Big nerdy thanks to mathowie for showing me how to link directly to a specific time in a YouTube video, so I could cut out the pointless first four minutes of this video.

4 thoughts on “Rivers Cuomo asks: What If God Was One of Us?”

  1. i never saw 6FU until recently and then watched the entire series over a 3-4 week span (watching 2-4 eps a night) and cannot watch the office without waiting for dwight to nuzzle someone. and i never cared either way for weezer

  2. First you go dissing a perfectly OK radio song, then you go acting like a late night conversation with a drunk sorority girl is a bad thing?

    Pffft. You’ve changed, man. You’ve changed.

  3. Nobody calling on the phone

    Except for the Pope maybe in Rome

    This song is second only to REM’s “Everybody Hurts” in the department of “stupid fucking lyrics trying really hard to sound deep.”

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