Riviera Songs Used in A&E TV Show The Cleaner

Songs heard on The CleanerTwo years after our last show, Riviera is back…on TV. GLONO’s own will have two songs featured in the July 28 July 21 episode of the A&E network’s show The Cleaner, starring Benjamin Bratt. Both “Friends in California” and “Golden Lies” will feature prominently in the show. Set your TiVo and recall the glory days of Chicago’s most punctual band!

“Friends in California” is available on the Broken Hearted Dreams EP. “Golden Lies” is available on Capital, from Glorious Noise Records.

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To assist all those fans scouring the web looking for the songs featured on the July 28 episode of The Cleaner after they air, here’s lyric sheet to assist our SEO efforts.

Friends in California

by Riviera

It’s good to see you in the morning

The pale light shining through the window shade

A cool breeze blowing over features

Slowly showing age

You don?t remember how we got here

But I can tell you it was luck

The poison?s rising to the surface

Now I’ve had enough

I’ve got some friends in California

I think they’ll take us for a while

Just time enough to get our blood clean

And ease our minds

It doesn’t seem like seven years ago

But I can’t count it on one hand

That many years since we’ve had memories

To make or have

And now we’re living in a bad dream

And I can’t tell when we’re awake

We shout for money and for glory

Now it’s running late

Golden Lies

by Riviera

And you’re right I’ve had some time to decide

Taking sides to cry won’t make it right

So deny as much as you think will get by

Making light of life keeps you inside

And golden lies hover nearby

You said you’d cry, and you’re right

So you cry and sorrow helps keep you high

Making time on the side keeps you in sight

So I try to hold you when I’ve got no right

Oh, besides it’s time to let you inside

8 thoughts on “Riviera Songs Used in A&E TV Show The Cleaner”

  1. I am told from sources in the Eastern timezone that the Riviera songs appeared in tonight’s episode, not next week’s.

    Airs at 10:00 on the Pacific side of the country.

  2. Well, that’s a bummer. We were planning a watching party for next week.

    For those of you who still want to see it, A&E is re-playing the episode (“Split Ends”) on Monday, July 27 at 10:00pm Central and on Tuesday, July 28 at 2:00am Central. Set your Tivos!

  3. Cha ching! Now you beeyoootche$ be rich- all licen$ed and hollywood $oundtrack! Next up: Riveria on MTV Crib$!

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