Robbie Fulks Completes Michael Jackson Tribute

Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing country artist Robbie Fulks in concert over the last ten years is going to be thrilled to hear that he is in the process of finishing up his long-rumored collection of Michael Jackson interpretations. If you’ve never seen him, you might think this sounds like a stupid, jokey idea. It’s not. It’s awesome. And sincere:

So the period of my life (2000-2009) during which I get to arrange and track and mix great songs like “Billie Jean” and “The Man in the Mirror” to suit my own voice and aesthetic interests comes to an end, which makes me sincerely sorry. Nine years, six studios, 21 tracks (don’t worry, I won’t foist all of that on you); and amid it all the tributee made a comeback record that fizzled, was jailed, fled the US, became ever more a figure of pathos and contempt and fun and disgust, began to stage another comeback, died. The aughts were happier times out where I live.

Fulks says it could be out by Christmas. To share a feel for what some of this might sound like, we found a 20-second live video snippet of Fulks doing “Going Back to Indiana” at the 2008 Hideout Block Party here in Chicago. Check it out after the jump…

Video: Robbie Fulks – “Going Back to Indiana” (snippet)

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