Robbie Fulks + Shellac + Michael Jackson

Man oh man, this Robbie Fulks Michael Jackson tribute album is getting more awesome and more crazy with every new detail. Now, we find out that Steve Albini‘s noisy three-piece Shellac plays on it:

Shellac is a magnificent punk band in Chicago whose three members I’ve been friends with for years and years. If we haven’t gotten together on record before, it’s only because we have absolutely nothing in common, musically speaking. After hearing our collaboration, you may still think we have nothing in common.

Everything Fulks has said about this album leads us to believe that it’s going to be very, very far removed from the stripped down, acoustic renditions of these covers that initially won us over. Instead, what he’s describing is a much weirder and potentially more fascinating project than just a country singer with a beat up Martin doing quirky covers of soul-pop songs.

Robbie Fulks: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

Video: Robbie Fulks – “Cigarette State”

Video: Shellac – “My Black Ass” (live)

Video: The Jacksons Variety Show – “Going Back To Indiana” (1977)

PS – The 1977 Jacksons Variety Show clearly needs to be released on DVD. Look at that! And Tito’s solo kills!

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