Rod Stewart Souled Out

Remember earlier this year, when Daptone Records was robbed, how they threw out the teaser that the Dap-Kings were scheduled to lay down some music for Rod Stewart? We wondered if this could be a good sign of a return to form that he hadn’t even attempted since…when? 1974? Since he left Mercury Records? Who knows? It’s almost impossible to believe he was ever cool. But he was.

So we were hopeful about a potentially good Rod Stewart soul album. While we have yet to hear a single note, this blurb from Billboard has all but dashed any hope. Just look at the cast of contributors:

“Soulbook,” meanwhile, finds Stewart covering 13 R&B favorites and collaborating with Stevie Wonder (“My Cherie Amour”), Smokey Robinson (“Tracks of My Tears”), Mary J. Blige (the Stylistics’ “You Make Me Feel Brand New”) and Jennifer Hudson (Jerry Butler and Betty Everett’s “Let It Be Me”). […] “Soulbook” was produced by “…Songbook” collaborator Steve Tyrell and Steve Jordan (John Mayer, Keith Richards), who recruited an all-star cast of musicians for the tracks such as Motown veterans Bob Babbitt, George Bohannen and Ray Parker, Jr., Memphis heavyweights Willy Mitchell and Wayne Jackson, Rolling Stones bassist Darryl Jones, Toto’s David Paich and session aces Waddy Wachtel, Leland Sklar, Greg Phillinganes, Tom Scott, Ricky Lawson and others.

Not a Dap-King in site. No Faces either, while we’re griping. Just the tired gimmick of cramming a shitload of duets with one or more representatives of each targeted demographic. So lame. Rod needs to pull his head of Clive Davis‘ ass and realize that his legacy has vanished into the ether of late-night infomercials. He’s become Pat fucking Boone.

Sure, those Songbook travesties have sold like hotcakes to every grandmother in America, but is that really how you want to go out? Is that what it’s all about? You’re a joke, man! You need to call up Ian McLagan and Ronnie Wood before it’s too late and play some rock and fucking roll! Do it! Now. Make it happen.

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6 thoughts on “Rod Stewart Souled Out”

  1. I could not agree more. People under 40 have a hard time believing how awesome Rod once was. Rod, forget about a “Soul” songbook, and save your own goddamn soul. Call up Ronnie Wood and tell him to fire up the Ampeg…

  2. Well put, Jake. Though it’s a shame that Ronnie Lane isn’t around, The Faces are one of the very few bands that I would fork over good money to see on a reunion tour. From what I’ve heard, Ian and Woody were into it a few years ago & Rod was the lone holdout. The man clearly has no idea what a sad joke he’s become. What a waste of a great rock & roll voice.

    On another note, there’s a wonderful documentary on Ronnie Lane that came out on DVD a few years ago entitled “The Passing Show”. I highly recommend it to all Faces/Ronnie Lane fans. It’s a heartfelt and touching documentary with some great old Faces/Lane performances. Here’s an Amazon link:

    – John

  3. O am relatively new to America but I love rock n’roll and the voice of Rod Stewarrt. Is it truth that gallons and gallons of jism were once pumped from this singer’s abdomen? Ot is this the kind of nastiness that is porveyed through false gossip?

  4. I’ve obtained an advanced copy of the album, and from what I’ve heard so far, the Dap-Kings are featured on at least two of the tracks.

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