Sales: Kelly Clarkson Back on Top

I like to tell anybody who will listen to me that Kelly Clarkson owes her career to me. I voted for her from the get go during the first season of American Idol. Multiple times a week. She had me from the moment she belted out “A Natural Woman” during “sixties week.” So I’m proud to see her with another #1 album on the Billboard 200:

1. Kelly Clarkson – All I Ever Wanted – 255,000 (debut)

2. The-Dream – Love Vs. Money – 151,000 (debut)

3. U2 – No Line on the Horizon – 132,000 (-73%)

4. J. Holiday – Round 2 – 55,000 (debut)

5. Taylor Swift – Fearless – 52,000 (-1%)

6. Lady GaGa – The Fame – 47,000 (+10%)

7. Nickelback – Dark Horse – 36,000 (-1%)

8. Beyonce – I Am… Sasha Fierce – 28,000 (-9%)

9. Jamie Foxx – Intuition – 27,000 (-17%)

10. Chris Cornell – Scream – 26,000 (debut)

Neko Case‘s Middle Cyclone drops from #3 to #17 (20,000). Not too shabby.

• The Yeah Yeah Yeahs debut at #32 debut for It’s Blitz! (13,000). That’s a thousand more than the Jonas Brothers’ 3D Concert Experience, so good for them.

Additional sales data via MTV.

Kelly Clarkson’s album sales history:

2003: Thankful debuts at #1 with 297,000

2004: Breakaway debuts at #3 with 250,000, and goes on to sell 6.1 million

2007: My December debuts at #2 with 291,000, and goes on to sell 788,000

2009: All I Ever Wanted debuts at #1 with 255,000

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8 thoughts on “Sales: Kelly Clarkson Back on Top”

  1. I still love her album MY DECEMBER, and play tracks off it.

    Too bad she didn’t stick with her Pat Benetar rock stylings.

  2. how can the yeah yeah yeahs chart? the album isn’t even out until the 31st. i read this and got excited thinking the album was already out.

  3. It charts because it’s been on iTunes since March 10. More proof that most music fans, even those who pay for it, don’t buy cds.

    The cd will be released on March 31.

  4. i didn’t know they counted early itunes sales. interesting. that doesn’t really seem fair, but what in life is?

  5. C’Mon guys!

    Enough with the puppets already. The first couple were ok, but if you don’t have enough participation this isn’t the way to fix it! Grade = Fail


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