New Scarlett Johansson video: Relator (with Pete Yorn)

Video: Pete Yorn – “Relator” ft. Scarlett Johansson

This song is a lot better than anything on her dreary album of Tom Waits covers. Perhaps she’s been listening to She & Him (compare), but this kind of material actually suits Johansson’s voice. And she looks fantastic as a brunette. An album, Break Up, is due September 15 on Atco/Rhino.

Previously: Scarlett Johansson doing Tom Waits live (2008).

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Video: Behind the scenes

6 thoughts on “New Scarlett Johansson video: Relator (with Pete Yorn)”

  1. Goddammit Will, you just tricked me into watching a video for The Used, and I even skipped through it to find where I hoped Scarlett Johansson would appear. Which she doesn’t. I now wish upon you the canceraidsfire. Good day.

  2. Blong, Brunette, Woody Allen’s muse, pop princess.

    Does this perfect woman have any flaws at all?

    I bet her farts smell like roses too, damn it!

  3. Wow, I actually kinda liked that. Color me surprised.

    Just one problem: what’s with the twinge of Winehouse-esque pseudo-southern bluesy drawl in her voice? She could sing that straight and it would sound better.

    As DP once said – if you’re singing with an accent you weren’t born with, I’m not interested. Except that I was kinda interested. It is Scarlett Johansson, after all.

  4. “As DP once said – if you’re singing with an accent you weren’t born with, I’m not interested.”

    I think it’s pretty clear from reading this site DP likes the Rolling Stones. But maybe Mick wins (used to win?) an exception for everything.

  5. Yes, Jagger gets a pass because he did it with such gusto. I mostly hate Northern suburban Americans singing like they’re from Appalachia. Go back to Best Buy, posers!

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