Screaming Females – Bell

MP3: Screaming Females – “Bell” from Power Move, out now on Don Giovanni.

There’s no faster way to garner attention for your band these days than to be associated with Jack White. If you can get a supporting slot for whatever he’s touring with, all the better. If you can KILL in that supporting slot…well, then you’re golden.

Screaming Females may have just struck gold. DeRo described their opening slot as thus, “In a rare example of an opening band being every bit as awesome as the headliner, the New Jersey trio Screaming Females provided ample evidence that it was more than ready for the sudden leap it recently made from tiny, underground all-ages clubs to sold-out theaters as the Dead Weather‘s hand-picked support.”

Not bad.

Video: Screaming Females – “Buried In The Nude”

Screaming Females: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

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