Pay to Slum: A beast goes to Mars.

Video: Shakira – “She Wolf”

Shakira‘s ‘She Wolf’ roars up 21-13 this week thanks to 75,000 new downloads this week. The song’s Spanish version, ‘Loba,’ goes to No. 1 on Latin Pop Airplay.”

Yeah, but what’s “roar” in Spanish? The crafty copy over at Billboard is accurate. It’s only been a few weeks since Shak again said “What’s Up, Doc?” to the US charts, and already, inescapably, like diesel artillery, her “She Wolf” is staring down the Black Eyed Peas‘ ceremonial altar like The Rock’s unblinking face spray painted on a boulder. And the saliva is pooling on the well-trampled earth.

No surprise. It’s true: discerning folks on the bus have been cranking “She Wolf” at 7am. And when that many people are spinning a party song on the way to work in the morning, wishing that wasn’t where they were, it must have the scent of the on its nose. The people on the bus turn “She Wolf” up. Through their earbuds roars the track’s descending taunt of a chorus. And then, because this is Shakira, the accompanying onomatopoeic payoff. And hers is already a better tribute to Warren Zevon‘s “Werewolves of London” than copping his most famous jam’s piano break for a too-obvious lark about summertime will ever be.


Through those earbuds on the bus, it sounds like a nation of tiny Shakiras harmonizing on a Fer-GaGa anthem. This time Summertime hunts at night!


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Shakira: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki.

2 thoughts on “Pay to Slum: A beast goes to Mars.”

  1. Am I stupid or just out of touch with the US and A or are this series cryptic? Maybe all of the above.

    And are the Black-Eyed Peas really important to anybody?

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