Shorewood’s Awesome Lip Dub in Reverse

Making the rounds right now is this awesome video from the students of Shorewood High School in Shoreline, Washington. It appears this is all part of a friendly rivalry between Shorewood and neighboring Shorecrest with a lip dub challenge that is getting increasingly competitive—and all in good fun.

It started out pretty awesome with Shorecrest getting the whole school involved in a lip dub of Outkast’s “Hey-Ya” that has gymnasts jumping around, Power Rangers singing, a banana in a wheel chair, and a host of other kids leaping in and out of the screen.

Shorecrest Lipdub – Hey Ya

But Shorewood ups the ante big time by not only busting out some vintage Hall & Oates but doing the entire song in one take…backwards.

ShorewoodLipDub – You Make My Dreams Come True

When kids are getting a bad rap from national coverage of violence, sexting and the everyday nonsense to which we can all plead guilty from our days of youth, doesn’t it just warm the heart to see stuff like this? Now excuse me while I change out of my cardigan and into my bathrobe to watch some Matlock.

Hall & Oates: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

Outkast: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

4 thoughts on “Shorewood’s Awesome Lip Dub in Reverse”

  1. That was great fun, Derek, thanks for posting…I love the kids showing the creativity.

    Now get the hell off my lawn.

  2. This gives me hope that at least some of the kids of today are going to grow up as nutty as they need to be, to better deal with the daily stiffs.

    Now get off my lawn, ya damn kids!

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