D’Arcy Dishes on Smashing Pumpkins, Marilyn Manson, and Davy Jones

DarcyOriginal Smashing Pumpkins bass player D’Arcy Wretzky unexpectedly called in to Q101 on their request line to ask about an upcoming Davy Jones show and to find out the name of the band who sings “Panic Switch.”

What you are about to hear is the unedited phone call. Edited versions of this have aired on Q101. Remember that this is merely a phone call; NOT an interview.

She sounds quirky and goofy, but not nearly as fucked up as Billy Corgan has made her out to be. She sounds pretty happy, actually.

Ethical question: are radio stations allowed to broadcast “personal” conversations from a request line? I’m sure it’s legal, but is it right? By the way, I recognize that by passing this along I am complicit in the breech of ethics (if that’s what this is). What do you think? It feels a little wrong to be hearing this.

MP3: D’Arcy Wretzky with Ryan Manno on Q101

9 thoughts on “D’Arcy Dishes on Smashing Pumpkins, Marilyn Manson, and Davy Jones”

  1. She was so fracking cool back in the day. I had a major crush on her. Say what you will but I thought she was a great bassist. The way she just dropped out of the music scene is nuts. As cute and hip as she was back in the 90s I was shocked when I saw recent photos of her. You can definately see these days that she lives on a Horse Farm in Michigan.

    Why is it that all of the original Pumpkins all ended up getting kicked out of the band? I think it was more than the fact that D’Arcy was doing crack.

  2. I think there would be more liability on the part of the station if they called her. Since she called them that may work in their favor should she be pissed and try to sue. Some stations run disclaimers saying “if you call our public request line we might use your call on the air.” And since it’s a request line and not a business line that would further work in the station’s favor. Since it’s a public request line it obviously makes it less sleazy than if Darcy called a business line or this guy’s direct office line. Since this is an alternative station and that format is in big trouble right now, they probably are just trying to drum up publicity and listenership any way they can. Even though it’s an Emmis station which is primarily interested in revenue, it’s not even in the top 20 stations in the Chicago market persons 12plus. Maybe they do better 18-34 but alternative is a tough sell in this economy.

    And their target audience is the most likely to seek out other sources–ipods, satelite, etc. These are desperate people trying to hold on to a job they love.

    I wouldn’t judge them too harshly.

  3. I just listeed to it–probably should have done that before I commented. She sounds drunk–or is she always like that? I get the impression she wants him to air the phone call.

  4. She’s always spoken that way.

    It’s called a “Michigan accent”

    she has a rambling way of speaking. like she’s a little unfocused. but she wouldn’t be the first musician/horse farmer/antique store owner to be that way.

  5. I’n familiar with midwestern accents. The accent from where I hail is similiar to Chicago in some ways. I wasn’t talking about the accent. I was talking about the lack of inhibition.

  6. by “billy is an egomaniac jerkoff” dont you mean that billy is the worst singer in pop history

  7. no, I think Billy’s a fairly good singer. Not the greatest, by any means. I think his voice fit well in the Pumpkins.

    What’s sorely missing with the current incarnation of the band is D’Arcy and James. I like Auf der Maur quite a bit (good work with Hole), but I think D’Arcy and James were such a big part of the Pumpkins sound that Billy’s current schtick ought to be called “The Billy Corgan Experience.”

    I wouldn’t call Plant/Page “Led Zeplin.” And I don’t buy Billy and Jimmy as The Pumpkins.

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