Spinnerette – Rebellious Palpitations

SpinneretteMP3: Spinnerette – “Rebellious Palpitations” from Spinnerette, out now on Anthem.

This is Brody Dalle‘s new band, and they’re clearly badass. Perhaps a little more polished than the Distillers, but come on. This is a song about doing blow and having sex in a pickup truck. Courtney Love wishes she sounded this tough and cool.

Spinnerette: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki, MySpace, web.

One thought on “Spinnerette – Rebellious Palpitations”

  1. She’s married to Josh Homme, and they’ve reproduced. Which means there’s a 2-year-old out there who has a guitar, a switchblade, and an 8-ball tucked into her diaper at all times.

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