Stone Roses Discuss Remastering Their Debut

The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses The NME has a great little interview with Stone Roses vocalist Ian Brown and producer John Leckie on the remastering of the band’s debut album, which will be re-issued in August 2009. Check out the two of them talking about the original recording sessions (way back in 1988!) and their efforts to remaster the album to its originally intended sonic depth. They also discuss some b-side gems in consideration, including a 33 minute backwards-tracked bit of madness!

More. Pitchfork has the track listing.

The Stone Roses: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki.

3 thoughts on “Stone Roses Discuss Remastering Their Debut”

  1. I dunno, the versions on “The Very Best of the Stone Roses” sound great. But maybe the bonus tracks will make it worthwhile.

  2. It does sound great. But we still need “Sugar Spun Sister” and “Shoot You Down” (and the other songs not included on The Very Best) to sound that great as well.

    I love in the video how when they’re talking about that 30-minute rejected b-side, they both agree that “after 22 minutes, something happens,” and they both snicker/chuckle. That’s awesome.

  3. i’m down with it. this album has become my go to album for spring into summer every year. for me it will always will hold a significant personal connection to a period in my life, but it also transcends that to being just a fantastic album from front to back. to have it remastered in total and additional material from that time period added to it… count me in.

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