Stone Roses Singles Reissued This Summer

In a run up to the August re-release of their debut album, the Stone Roses will release five singles once a week starting July 6 in Britain. According to the NME, the re-issues will kick off with “Elephant Stone” and be followed by “Made Of Stone” out on July 13, “She Bangs The Drums” (20), “Fools Gold” (27) and “One Love” (August 3).

Each release will come backed with untitled, previously-unreleased recordings by the Manchester legends.

That sounds to me like each will have the standard backwards track that was often included on Roses singles, but here’s hoping for a little more than that.

Two special editions of The Stone Roses’ 1989 debut album, a “collector’s” and “legacy” edition, are set for release on August 10.

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