The Sinatras Complete Their Album

Back in February 2001, the month Glorious Noise was launched, I wrote about a Sinatras show in Kalamazoo:

There was a moment during an instrumental freak out at the end of their cover of “She Said, She Said” when I felt like I was in the presence of God, the very definition of my concept of “glorious noise.” […] They apparently have an album’s worth of material already recorded and almost ready to go. I’ve been hearing that for a few years now, and I’m not very confident that I’ll ever hold it in my hands, but I’m really hoping everybody will get their shit together and do what it takes to get this thing out soon.

Several years later, when we published Derek Phillips’ hagiography of the band, they joked about how their album is taking “20 years to get it done.” Well, after just celebrating their 24th anniversary as a group, the best band in Southwest Michigan finally got it done.

The album, Life in Flames, will be available on CD at the show at Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo this Saturday, October 10. Glorious Noise will be there and will be happy to buy beers for any GLONO readers who seek us out.

Album details via Ron Casebeer after the jump…

The Sinatras - Life in Flames

Life In Flames is named after one of their songs…a song not included on the album.

• Ron says it contains “21 studio recordings from almost every stage of our career, with the most recent recordings having been completed in November of 2003.”

• Only four of the recordings were ever “officially” released, and two of those were only available on 7″ singles.

• The tracks on this CD were all taken from the “best possible sources and have been remastered by Kalamazoo studio wizard Mike Schuur.”

• Original producers/engineers include: Paul Mahern, Steve Versaw, Freddy Fortune & Michael Maltese, and Nathan McLaughlin.

Life In Flames will be available on iTunes and Emusic in approximately six weeks.

• On what drummer Scott Stevens‘ upcoming move to North Carolina means for the band, Ron says, “Scott and his lovely wife are moving to NC soon, but I do NOT expect this to be the last ever Sinatras show. We’ve been down to about 1 show a year since the Kraftbrau closed, and we don’t practice much, so I don’t expect this to affect our schedule very much at all. If anything, maybe we’ll get to play in NC every once in a while. (2 shows a year? I sure hope we can keep up the pace!)”

• On what’s next: “I suspect that, in Scott’s absence, Karl & I will continue to make music together. The whole Leppotone family hangs out regularly, and we swap players around to make up new bands every once in a while. Nathan and I keep blowing smoke up each other’s asses, John Kasdorf just bought a new drum set, so who knows?”

• Also, such a tease: “There are at least another 21 studio recordings, plus dozens of recordings from live shows, radio shows, and local TV shows, all of which are being reviewed and considered for our next release. (Does anyone else smell vinyl?)”

MP3: The Sinatras – live on WIDR, March 2009

The Sinatras: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, MySpace, Facebook.

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  1. Can’t wait to hear the album. I echo the person on F’book who said they hoped “Hope” will be on the album!

    I wish I could be there Saturday. Have fun, y’all.

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