The Vehicular Return of Another Bad Band

Ford S-MAX Titanium

In case you were wondering, as the reformed Spandau Ballet rolls through Ireland and the U.K. this month as part of its “Reformation Tour” (clever, eh: reformed, reformation—that’s the kind of stuff that makes the band what it is), it will be doing so in Ford S-MAX Titanium vehicles. As lead singer and evident car whore Tony Hadley puts it of the S-MAX Titanium 2.0TDCi Automatic that he’s been driving for the past few months (we’re guessing he didn’t pay retail), “I wanted a car that was stylish and comfortable for long journeys, and the S-MAX fits the bill perfectly.” Right.

Or maybe that should be “True.”

Spandau Ballet: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki.

2 thoughts on “The Vehicular Return of Another Bad Band”

  1. Yes, but both Roxy and GoF are GOOD bands. Now, if you said, “I’d much rather listen to Bananarama, or better yet, Kylie Minogue in her Stock-Aitken-Waterman days,” that would make better sense.

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