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[14:16] Phil: Listening to that Dhani Harrison album

[14:16] Jake: how is it?

[14:16] Phil: just started

[14:16] Jake: should i catch up?

[14:16] Phil: I’ll restart

[14:17] Jake: say go

[14:17] Phil: go!

1. so vain

[14:17] Phil: Some backwards weirdo sounds

[14:17] Phil: I love backward tracked guitars

[14:17] Jake: kinda slinky jazzy guitars

[14:17] Phil: enter: vocals

[14:18] Phil: kinda standard brit pop stuff

[14:18] Phil: a bit breath-y

[14:18] Jake: doesn’t sound as much like george as he looks

[14:18] Phil: ha, no

[14:18] Phil: ooh, Fender Rhodes

[14:18] Jake: electronic bloops

[14:19] Phil: cool enough song

[14:19] Phil: it’s not shaking you by the lapels or anything

[14:19] Jake: oh crunchy guitars on the downbeat

[14:19] Jake: like savoy truffle

[14:19] Jake: (is it possible to NOT throw in some george references?)

[14:20] Jake: let’s see if this is just a kind of mellow mood-setter

[14:21] Phil: is that a chick moaning?

[14:21] Phil: kinda druggy

[14:21] Phil: no wonder George didn’t want him hanging out at Lolla

[14:21] Jake: yeah, definitely a little trippy

2. another john doe

[14:22] Jake: more rhodes

[14:22] Jake: i like that

[14:22] Phil: yes

[14:22] Phil: another slow burner

[14:22] Jake: the effects sound cool in headphones — going around from one ear to the other

[14:22] Phil: yes, I dig that

[14:23] Phil: Wikipedia says Dhani is lead vox

[14:23] Jake: yeah, the spinner thing says, “You don’t have to be a Beatles lover to enjoy the debut album from this synth-heavy duo that features George Harrison’s son, Dhani, on lead vocals and guitar.”

[14:23] Jake: this track isn’t going anywhere though

[14:24] Phil: more cool keyboard sounds

[14:24] Phil: solo!

[14:24] Phil: finally!

[14:24] Phil: oh, a taste of that Harrison sound

[14:24] Jake: slide!

[14:25] Phil: I’d put this on a mix with Primal Scream, Air, Kasabian

[14:25] Phil: Massive Attack

[14:25] Phil: Pink Floyd, even

[14:26] Jake: right

3. back to you

[14:26] Phil: Uh oh, post-apocalyptic?

[14:26] Phil: heavier

[14:26] Jake: i think i hear a star wars droid

[14:26] Phil: awesome!

[14:27] Phil: trippy synths, man

[14:27] Phil: electro voice

[14:28] Phil: is Dhani a robot?

[14:28] Jake: he’s a droid, man.

[14:28] Phil: Like, a peaceful, kind robot who looks just like George Harrison?

[14:28] Jake: i don’t know. those robot vox sound ominous

[14:29] Phil: we should create an army of George Harrison droids!

[14:29] Phil: That would be awesome

[14:29] Jake: swine!

[14:29] Phil: all with skinny pants and velvet collars

[14:29] Phil: who would step to THAT???

[14:29] Jake: george lucas should’ve put THAT in his dumb prequels

[14:30] Phil: Dude, I would watch that on repeat

[14:30] Phil: we need to start raising funds for our next GLONO video feature starring an army of George Robots out to defeat evil…and Blue Meanies!

4. bluesy

[14:30] Jake: so…is this cool or stupid?

[14:31] Phil: Well, I like trippy music I can forget about so this is a bit of my bag

[14:31] Jake: emphasis on forgettable.

[14:31] Phil: I got no sense of blues from this

[14:32] Jake: none whatsoever.

[14:32] Phil: It’s like an Urban Outfitters soundtrack

[14:32] Phil: should be fun to see with AMPStyle

[14:32] Jake: word.

[14:32] Jake: i mean, it sounds okay. it’s background music.

[14:33] Jake: i’m waiting for something to grab me though.

[14:33] Phil: I don’t think it’s coming

[14:34] Jake: ok this song sucks. i’m bored to death.

[14:35] Jake: “here she comes now. help me. where’d you go now?”

[14:35] Jake: away. because i got bored.

[14:35] Phil: dude, look up from your bong

5. give your love

[14:36] Phil: Big time Air vibe

[14:36] Phil: better melody

[14:36] Jake: yeah. this one is lighter and…airier.

[14:36] Phil: I think this is going nowhere

[14:36] Phil: I am running out of even snarky things to say

[14:37] Jake: yeah, if this wasn’t george harrison’s kid, i would never have even gotten this far

[14:37] Phil: Maybe Dhani, Sean Lennon, Zach Starkey and Stella McCartney could kick out a handful of dope songs

[14:37] Jake: ha.

[14:37] Phil: I’d go see that band regardless

[14:38] Jake: they’d at least have a good drummer

[14:38] Phil: ha

[14:38] Phil: Ringo’s Revenge!

[14:38] Jake: i’m sure they’d look fantastic too

[14:38] Phil: If I was the photo editor for a major mag I’d line that shit up asap

[14:39] Phil: while these dudes are young and good looking

[14:39] Jake: totally

6. yomp

[14:40] Phil: I like that title

[14:40] Phil: Yomp

[14:41] Jake: wikipedia says this song was released for rock band last year.

[14:41] Jake: i’d play the shit out of this.

[14:41] Phil: shouldn’t you know the song before playing on Rock Band?

[14:41] Phil: or am I being lame

[14:41] Jake: lame

[14:42] Phil: and don’t get the skill involved?

[14:42] Jake: totally man

[14:42] Jake: follow the dots coming down the screen!

[14:42] Phil: just like a real guitar!

[14:42] Jake: party pooper

[14:42] Phil: awww

[14:42] Jake: better have a badass solo

[14:42] Phil: …waiting…

[14:43] Jake: there it is!

[14:43] Phil: buzzy!

[14:43] Jake: they apparently played this on conan in feb

7. hiding out

[14:43] Phil: huh

[14:43] Jake: let’s skip this one

[14:44] Phil: theme to Taxi

[14:44] Jake: i like the rhodes as much as anybody

[14:44] Jake: but you gotta do something with it

[14:44] Phil: there’s a girl singing though

[14:44] Jake: is that a girl?

[14:44] Phil: oh, maybe not

[14:45] Jake: i’m skipping to the next one, and then giving up on this

[14:45] Jake: say go.

[14:45] Phil: go!

8. crazy tuesday

[14:45] Phil: Hey!

[14:45] Jake: this is the mp3 they’re giving away

[14:46] Phil: Good choice, so far

[14:46] Jake: acoustic shuffle

[14:46] Phil: reminds me a bit of The The

[14:46] Phil: with sissy vocals

[14:46] Phil: Get Matt Johnson to sing about God or something

[14:46] Jake: i kinda like the vocals. kinda soulful.

[14:46] Phil: sure, I am being funny (sorta)

[14:47] Jake: this is still just ok for me.

[14:47] Phil: yeah

[14:47] Jake: i mean, all you really need is one track to remember.

[14:47] Jake: and i don’t hear it here

[14:48] Phil: nope

[14:48] Jake: wanna ff to the remaining tracks and see if there’s anything?

[14:48] Phil: sure. Only 3 left

9. idle lover

[14:49] Jake: drums and “hammond”

[14:49] Phil: real drums at least

[14:49] Jake: ff

10. shelter

[14:49] Phil: more drums

[14:49] Phil: nice guitar tone

[14:50] Jake: yep. rick 12 string?

[14:50] Phil: 12-string!

[14:50] Phil: dude should have jumped to that from the get-go

[14:50] Jake: oh man, and then they drop the ball

[14:50] Phil: snooze

[14:50] Jake: bring the 12-string back

[14:50] Jake: ff

11. wind up dead

[14:51] Phil: …like this album

[14:51] Jake: ha. did you listen to sean lennon’s albums?

[14:51] Phil: lately? no

[14:51] Jake: ever?

[14:51] Phil: the first one, yeah

[14:51] Jake: i had into the sun on grand royal

[14:52] Phil: right

[14:52] Jake: had the cibbo mato influence

[14:52] Phil: ok, this is a bit better

[14:52] Phil: kinda Charlatans-like

[14:52] Jake: yeah, this is better. but still.

[14:52] Jake: i mean, if this was the worst song on the album, it might be ok

[14:53] Jake: but it seems to me like those beatles kids must feel like they shouldn’t really try very hard to write proper songs

[14:53] Jake: as if that would be insulting or presumptuous or something

[14:53] Phil: this is fine as a mix song

[14:53] Phil: if it popped up I’d be like “Oh, huh…”

[14:54] Phil: how it would end up on a mix I don’t know…

[14:54] Jake: they feel the need to toss off stuff like they don’t really care too much

[14:55] Jake: who knows if that’s how they really feel, but that’s how it sounds to me

[14:55] Phil: Maybe it’s just not his bag

[14:55] Jake: i mean, i wouldn’t expect them to start up a 4-piece guitar band and do 3-minute pop songs, but come on

[14:55] Jake: FOCUS!

[14:56] Phil: sounds heavily influenced by early Verve and even Ride. More on atmospherics than songs

[14:56] Jake: yeah, that is not my thing at all.

[14:56] Phil: right

[14:56] Jake: frankly, it felt like a waste of my time.

[14:56] Phil: well, those bands only worked on occasion too and they’re mega!

[14:56] Jake: which is harsh, but come on.

[14:56] Phil: well, we’re not obligated to like it

[14:57] Jake: phew!

[14:57] Phil: I am sure he’s a lovely fella

[14:57] Jake: i’m sure.

[14:58] Jake: who knows. he’s young. only 20 years old!

[14:58] Jake: next project could be much better

[14:58] Jake: oh wait he’s 30

[14:58] Phil: 30 is the new 12

[14:58] Jake: still

[14:58] Jake: you never know what he might have in him

[14:59] Phil: sure

[14:59] Jake: well that’s all i’ve got

[14:59] Phil: done

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