Tobi Vail: Women in Music, 2000-09

Tobi Vail, badass drummer and one of the coolest survivors of the riot grrl scene, sums up her Thoughts on Women in Music, 2000-09 for Carrie Brownstein‘s Monitor Mix Blog on NPR. Her opening sentence—and that whole paragraph—is awesome:

At the end of the ’90s, I got excited when I realized that young girls no longer needed to hang out with creepy record-collector guys in order to find out about cool music. Information was out there for everyone to access equally via the Internet. Knowledge about obscure records could no longer be hoarded and used as power. […] Maybe we could stop flirting for mix tapes and just go to the record store without having to make nice to the know-it-all guy behind the counter who didn’t treat us with respect.

It’s a good read with several embedded streams. Recommended.

4 thoughts on “Tobi Vail: Women in Music, 2000-09”

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  2. The first paragraph seemed more like clever caricature than anything. Most record store clerks are not like Jack Black in High Fidelity, and if they hoarded knowledge it was because it gave them a sense of identity and specialness, just like any other universe of fanboys.

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