Top 25 Punk Logos

The Crimson GhostThe Y! Music Playlist Blog compiles the Greatest Punk Rock Band Logos. Impossible to argue with their top three, but the rest of the list is ripe for discussion.

Via punknews.

3 thoughts on “Top 25 Punk Logos”

  1. i am posting before reading but the logos better have CRASS Misfits and Black Flag as the top 3…

  2. No Crass was surprising.

    I’d have thrown Op Ivy in there too. Maybe Milo.

    I didn’t even think of JFA while reading the list, but I had a chuckle recalling a good friend once telling me “I’m glad I wasn’t allowed to get tattoos when I was 15, because I’d have gotten a JFA logo on the back of my hand.”

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