GLONO Twitter Roundup

In what may become an ongoing feature, below are the things we’ve posted to Twitter recently. In reverse chronological order, just like Twitter…

# Spotify-employed Pirate Bay appeal judge ruled to have conflict of interest. Judgement unanimous, cannot be reversed. about 1 hour ago

# RT @jgrossnas: How the Tape Recorder Killed Journalism about 18 hours ago

# RT @xxofMontrealxx: Kevin Barnes interviews Hall and Oates for Under the Radar! Check it out here: about 18 hours ago

# DJ AM’s tox report showed cocaine, OxyContin, Vicodin, Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin, Benadryl, and Levamisole: accidental OD. about 19 hours ago

# Ian Brown planning soundtrack album with Johnny Marr, Mani, and Paul Ryder. about 19 hours ago

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# “If only one percent of the people reading this magazine buy my CD… that’ll be 10,000 copies!” Doh. about 23 hours ago

# Stream Britney’s new single, 3. It’s not good. “Peter, Paul & Mary / Gettin’ down with 3P / Everybody loves…oh!” Huh? 9:48 AM Sep 29th

# Did Jackson Pollock encode his name in his legendary 1943 Mural? Be sure to play with the Interactive Slideshow. 9:23 AM Sep 29th

# Love to Love You Bradys: The Bizarre Story of The Brady Bunch Variety Hour – Boing Boing 8:58 AM Sep 29th

# WMG ends YouTube boycott: Warner gets greater share of ad revenue because it will also bear the burden of selling ads. 8:40 AM Sep 29th

# Interesting. RT @iancr: But wait, I thought Topspin only worked for established acts?! ;-) great post @adamsam 8:25 AM Sep 29th

# @buddyhead gets the low-down on the indie rock brawl: “Wavves tour manager hit me square in the face with a bottle.” 12:41 PM Sep 28th

# Dick Clark owns the copyrights of 143 compositions, incl Bandstand faves such as “Sixteen Candles” and “At the Hop.” 11:30 AM Sep 28th

# Why’s Sufjan gotta hate pop music? RT @solace If these new Sufjan songs are any indication the next album might only be 5 or 6 songs long. 6:30 AM Sep 28th

# RT @taylorswift13: All three members of Hanson were at my show tonight. Excellent hair, those three. Excellent. 6:18 AM Sep 28th

# Yep, Spindrift is it! 2:08 AM Sep 26th

# First song and Spindrift breaks a bass string. See what I’m sayin’? Fuck yeah 2:00 AM Sep 26th

# Hold up: Spindrift is what I am talking about. Oh yes…Zia backing 1:54 AM Sep 26th

# Final verdict on The Upsidedown: Meh 1:32 AM Sep 26th

# There’s something about a girl playing bass guitar.,, 1:20 AM Sep 26th

# Just started a song that sounds exactly like Suede’s “Metal Mickey” 1:05 AM Sep 26th

# Mick’s spot review: that harp sounds great but I hate that fucking lead singer. 1:04 AM Sep 26th

# Either I am getting drunker or The Upsidedown is digging deeper. Maybe both 1:02 AM Sep 26th

# The Updidedown is large on sound, waiting for the substance 12:51 AM Sep 26th

# Wearing skinny jeans if you ain’t skinny kinda defeats the purpose 12:39 AM Sep 26th

# Now setting up: The Upsidedown. We’ve seen them before. Hoping for more tonight. 12:28 AM Sep 26th

# Go Fever just wrapped. Awesome if you like drug music & loud guitars. We do. 12:16 AM Sep 26th

# Killer psyche rock at Dante’s in PDX tonight. NP: Go Fever, then The Upside Down and Spindrift. Girls all look like Squeaky Fromme 11:58 PM Sep 25th

# RT @Dfactor: Rhino responds to the death notices… 7:35 PM Sep 25th

# RT @TheDandyWarhols: yeah, I’m realizing this twitter is a lot more fun when I’m not trying to sell something… 1:52 PM Sep 25th

# Rhino producer Andrew Sandoval talks about the end of the box set, and the end of catalog reissues in general. 1:40 PM Sep 25th

# Rhino Records, RIP. RT @Lefsetz: Rhino Variety report: 11:05 PM Sep 24th

# RT @poljunk: John Batchelor Gives Rahm an F: 6:12 PM Sep 24th

# RT @HipOSelect: FACT- 21 years ago today the song ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ topped the charts & stayed for 2 weeks) 6:11 PM Sep 24th

# NP: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – “Tupac” (hidden track at the end of Jukebox Explosion, a compilation of 45s). It’s awesome. California! 4:22 PM Sep 24th

# 130 photos of the Edward Gorey’s house the week he died. 4:12 PM Sep 24th

# Making of the Nirvana “Smells like teen spirit” video 11:37 AM Sep 24th

# Paul Revere & the Raiders – “Him or Me” video, ft. a Gibson EDS-1275, the double-neck guitar made famous by Jimmy Page. 11:32 AM Sep 24th

# RT @davidwala: Back from Glasgow – best I have seen Peter Doherty since The Libertines – I am still buzzing 10:47 PM Sep 23rd

# RT @SenJohnMcCain: – I had a great meeting with Joe Perry and his wife Billie – #Aerosmith 4:53 PM Sep 23rd

# Congratulations to Mary from Santee, CA, who won our Beatles lithograph giveaway. 3:24 PM Sep 23rd

# New Michael Jackson song “This Is It” (ft. backing vocals by the Jackson bros) due Oct. 12. Double-LP to follow on Oct 27. 3:11 PM Sep 23rd

# RT @blitzentrapper Eric shared some thoughts on the Black River Killer EP and the next BT album on the Trapper Board: 2:27 PM Sep 23rd

# Tom Waits: Glitter & Doom Live LP coming this fall. So says the photographer whose photos were purchased by Anti-. 2:07 PM Sep 23rd

# Moz to Marr. FWD: Hitler’s Reaction to the Oasis Split. I DON’T TYPICALLY PASS THESE THINGS ALONG, BUT THIS IS DELIGHTFUL. 10:31 AM Sep 23rd

# Johnny Marr: ‘Morrissey and I email’ Do you think Moz types like he prints: in ALL CAPS? Let’s hear your imaginary convos. 10:27 AM Sep 23rd

# RT @JustinHawkins: It’s actually silly to wear trousers this tight. Unless you are me. 9:32 PM Sep 22nd

# RT @sonvoltmusic: “These Roads Don’t Move” from Kerouac album up on NPR 5:13 PM Sep 22nd

# RT @RiversCuomo: Good thing John Mellencamp dropped the “Cougar” from his name what with the new meaning of that word and all. 5:13 PM Sep 22nd

# RT @sashafrerejones: The Prize That Dare Not Speak Its Name: Fucked Up wins the Polaris Prize for.. 5:12 PM Sep 22nd

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