Mid-October GLONO Twitter Roundup

Tweet tweetIn what is becoming an ongoing feature, below are the things we’ve posted to Twitter recently. In reverse chronological order, just like Twitter… This may seem like a silly thing to do, but there are a couple reasons that make this seem worth doing: 1) After a couple of weeks, it’s pretty much impossible to find stuff you’ve posted to Twitter; and 2) There are a lot of cool links here, and we know not everybody uses Twitter, and we want to share them with everybody. Plus, call me old school (or self-important) but Twitter’s just too fucking ephemeral for my tastes. I like to have a permanent record of the stuff we’re talking about/reading/listening to/following…

What do you think? Worthwhile or stupid?

# RT @idolator: Madonna disavows “Cherish” and “Into The Groove.” I KNOW, RIGHT?! http://bit.ly/4bKuqI “I feel retarded singing…” about 2 hours ago

# Ryan Adams interviews Yoko Ono: “Sean is very sensitive and very careful. That’s the difference between his dad and him.” http://ow.ly/uP80 about 3 hours ago

# RT @colinmeloy: Etched in the vinyl of ‘the queen is dead’ reissue: “them was rotten days.” about 19 hours ago

# Musictech09: Seattle mayor candidate Mallahan cancels at the last minute, almost literally. It’s all McGinn now about 20 hours ago

# At musictech summit09: Aurhor Charles Cross is grilling city atty candidates about 20 hours ago

# Peter Criss survives breast cancer: “Lots of men die: They wait, they don’t go in, they put it off.” Shaft had it too! http://ow.ly/uFpR about 22 hours ago

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# Murdoch’s Outrage at Google Is Phony: “I had 100s if not 1000s of strangers working to promote my story for me, for free.” http://ow.ly/uEWH about 23 hours ago

# White Stripes releasing alt takes from 1998 7″ “Let’s Shake Hands” b/w “Look Me Over Closely” via The Vault for $20/month. http://ow.ly/uEm1 about 23 hours ago

# A-ha splitting up: “We are retiring as a band, not as individuals.” http://ow.ly/uEj0 They were still together? Who knew! about 24 hours ago

# Bloodshot’s Scotland Yard Gospel Choir ‘alive again’ after bad van crash. http://ow.ly/uE8I Still in rough shape though. http://ow.ly/uE9s about 24 hours ago

# Thirsty Whale Reunion: Dude is still pissed at Kurt Cobain because “MTV made the decision to go to that style of stuff.” http://ow.ly/uE4Y about 24 hours ago

# RT @jgrossnas: Believe It or Not, Fewer Magazines Folding in 2009 http://bit.ly/Pl5Mu 7:17 AM Oct 15th

# RT @ourmaninchicago: HOB security guard caught on video taking a camera from a woman & repeatedly hitting her http://bit.ly/HbK8K 5:06 PM Oct 14th

# RT @idolator: Captain Lou Albano, R.I.P.: http://bit.ly/s85iB 5:03 PM Oct 14th

# Sufjan Stevens: “What’s the value of my work once these forms are obsolete and everyone’s just downloading music?” http://ow.ly/upr2 1:02 PM Oct 14th

# 100 years of media companies fighting technology: gramophone, player piano, photocopier, VCR, cassette, DVR, MP3, etc. http://ow.ly/uold 11:52 AM Oct 14th

# RT @sfj: “Today’s pornography laws are a trap for unwary teens and criminalize a large fraction of the young” http://bit.ly/4onQHj 5:04 PM Oct 13th

# Termination rights, allowing musicians to end exclusive licenses with labels, kick in in 2013 for recordings made in 1978. http://ow.ly/udtL 2:20 PM Oct 13th

# Jeez, when did Matthew Sweet become Frank from 30 Rock? Yipes. http://ow.ly/ucZK 1:41 PM Oct 13th

# Peter Hook: Moz a “twat…any time anyone has any legal problem with him, the only person you can speak to is his mother!” http://ow.ly/ubny 11:48 AM Oct 13th

# RT @sashafrerejones: Hope Sandoval: Go the fuck back to wherever you’d rather be. And don’t come back. 8:35 AM Oct 13th

# RT @AudioFidelity: http://twitpic.com/laogr – Say COLLECTIBLE! Vinyl version of the new MJ album will be released Nov 10th 5:04 PM Oct 12th

# @Dfactor Precursor to our own GLONO. Focus on the Michigan garage rock scene of the 1960s. Lots on Fenton Label: http://ow.ly/u2of 5:02 PM Oct 12th in reply to Dfactor

# Sinatras – cinnamon girl 10:26 PM Oct 10th

# The Menthols are a punk rock band. 9:01 PM Oct 10th

# RT @AudioFidelity: Love the Fab4.. Check out Ringo Rockin it! http://bit.ly/XovwM Yeah Baby!! 8:45 AM Oct 10th

# RT @ebertchicago: No-nonsense, tell it like it is review of “Where the Wild Things Are” http://j.mp/mLcsY 4:04 PM Oct 9th

# RT @idolator: Farewell, @courtneylover79 — we knew you when: http://bit.ly/13wsSn 4:02 PM Oct 9th

# RT @seanbuzzgrinder: Hetfield is fanning the flames of the Metallica/Megadeth beef, or whatever it is. http://is.gd/47drd 3:57 PM Oct 9th

# Shocker! American Idol loser says show is rigged. “The producers know who they want and they slant it to reflect that.” http://ow.ly/tDfY 2:50 PM Oct 9th

# Tom Waits hates his old songs: “It was like I was sitting there with a ventriloquist’s dummy on my knee.” http://ow.ly/tBSq But he’s wrong. 1:00 PM Oct 9th

# BRC is a gross f-ing pimp. Billy Ray Wants Miley Cyrus To Come Back To Twitter http://ow.ly/tBkd #mileycomeback Prev: http://ow.ly/tBuW 12:28 PM Oct 9th

# Whoa! Really going out on a limb there, Mobby! Billboard: Moby Takes Stand Against Calif. Domestic Violence Budget Cuts http://ow.ly/tBdh 12:06 PM Oct 9th

# Rosanne Cash won’t reveal remainder of Johnny Cash’s List: “I like having it as my own. It’s like a martial arts secret.” http://ow.ly/tB6B 12:02 PM Oct 9th

# RT @taylorswift13: Girl in the front row wearing a banana costume, I applaud you. 8:35 AM Oct 9th

# New Flaming Lips album has given DeRo “new cause to dust off the bong and the blacklight, and that’s cause to celebrate.” http://ow.ly/tscA 4:20 PM Oct 8th

# Johnny Marr talks about folk music. http://ow.ly/tevm Dude is everywhere these days. Must really care about this Cribs album. 3:16 PM Oct 7th

# Kelly Clarkson covers “Seven Nation Army” and nails it. Way better than Joss Stone’s milquetoast “Fell in Love w/ a Girl.” http://ow.ly/tcIi 1:12 PM Oct 7th

# Interview with Steve Hoffman – Remastering Classic Recordings on Vinyl http://ow.ly/tco0 12:50 PM Oct 7th

# Unreleased Jackson 5 Tracks Discovered For New Collection http://ow.ly/tc78 Unfortunately, not this one: http://ow.ly/tc8I 12:35 PM Oct 7th

# Lincoln Hall sets Oct. 16 opening, announces fall lineup http://ow.ly/tc1R New Chicago venue run by the team from Schubas. 12:31 PM Oct 7th

# Edwyn Collins owns his copyrights, not WMG, but MySpace still won’t let him share his music after the major “claimed” it. http://ow.ly/takz 10:33 AM Oct 7th

# RT @jayreatard: So who wants to see just how terrible it is to play in my band . I mean its so so hard I promise its the worst :) 8:10 AM Oct 7th

# Storm Large is the starlet I’d back if only I had the money 12:10 AM Oct 7th

# Fire dancer: yes 11:53 PM Oct 6th

# Now reading: Penny Lane. You’ve seen Almost Famous, right? 11:38 PM Oct 6th

# At Viva Las Vegas book party at Dante’s: Britt Daniels, Courtney Taylor-Taylor and Richard Meltzer. (now reading) 11:10 PM Oct 6th

# RT @brokep: RT @doctorow #ralphlauren sent Boing Boing a legal threat. Our answer? Sue and be damned! http://tinyurl.com/yeerhw7 6:46 PM Oct 6th

# David Gilmour To Collaborate With The Orb’s Dr Alex Paterson On New Album http://ow.ly/sZme Whoa. Might be time to start taking drugs again. 12:12 PM Oct 6th

# @buddyhead “Jack White has signed on to produce the next album by The Rolling Stones.” Hope it’s true. Could it be good? http://ow.ly/sYed 10:56 AM Oct 6th

# RT @jgrossnas: Public Enemy asking fans to raise $250,000 to help record new album http://bit.ly/3skNTb 10:16 AM Oct 6th

# RT @jayreatard: Band quit ! Fuck them ! They are boring rich kids who can’t play for ahit anyways .. Say hello to your ugly and boring wifes 10:15 AM Oct 6th

# RT @prefixmag Big Boi: “For Your Sorrows” ft. George Clinton & Too $hort (MP3) http://retwt.me/hEH8 1:41 PM Oct 5th from web

# Carl Barat: “too busy to reform Libertines in 2010” http://ow.ly/sNFh Boo. If they wait too long, gonna end up like CSNY’s American Dream. 1:34 PM Oct 5th

# First time ever hearing Lady Ga Ga thanks to SNL 2:10 AM Oct 4th

# Lady Gaga on SNL. She’s a drag queen. I never realized that until tonight. Now I kinda appreciate it. 11:52 PM Oct 3rd

# RT @colinmeloy: All due props to the Felice Bros but this whole “hide the Nord behind a wooden antique-y stand” fad has got to go. 4:16 PM Oct 3rd

# @SlashHudson More specifically, in a car. 3:07 PM Oct 2nd in reply to SlashHudson

# RT @iancr: how much is a fan worth? a fan LTV spreadsheet: http://awe.sm/1tBz 3:05 PM Oct 2nd

# RT @jgrossnas: Ramones Biopic In The Works http://bit.ly/mnuhd 3:03 PM Oct 2nd

# RT @AudioFidelity: http://twitpic.com/joyk6 Rod Stewart Cool pkg almost nixed bcuz cost was in stratosphere. Big Boss said- make it happen. 7:25 PM Oct 1st

# Five great tracks from Warren Zevon’s 1978 Traveling Circus tour. http://ow.ly/sfSJ 7:20 PM Oct 1st

# Spindrift understands that it’s often what’s off-screen that is most frightening. http://ow.ly/sfSp 7:19 PM Oct 1st

# RT @solace: RT @wearephoenix: More free remixes : Love Like A Sunset by Animal Collective ! http://tinyurl.com/qjv55z this is pretty killer. 5:06 PM Oct 1st

# RT @seanbuzzgrinder: If you didn’t see them already, we’ve got some photos of Sufjan Stevens and audio of new songs. http://is.gd/3PogO 9:34 AM Oct 1st

# RT @davidwala: The Cribs kept the crowd energy going all night – Johnny Marr has still got “it” 9:15 PM Sep 30th

# RT @jgrossnas: Exene talks about her solo career and living with MS (from PSF) http://bit.ly/pejEV 4:56 PM Sep 30th

# RT @TheMandyMoore: nothing like a little david crosby in the am… on to side 2 of “if i could only remember my name”… 4:55 PM Sep 30th

# German music blog http://whitetapes.de gets fined 100 euros for linking to an MP3 hosted by publicist Better Propaganda. http://ow.ly/s1g1 4:28 PM Sep 30th

# D.I.Y. or Die Trying: On the road with Elephant 6ers, the Visitations by Matt Bender http://ow.ly/rZGm 2:43 PM Sep 30th

# Jay-Z: A Master Of Occult Wisdom? Plus, an excerpt from Occult America: Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped Our Nation http://ow.ly/rZwF 2:30 PM Sep 30th

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